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Friday, June 18, 2010


This is the majority of what Farmer, Jr. did the entire time we were at the lake in Georgia.  Any body of water we crossed on our way up through Louisiana, Alabama and into Georgia he wanted to stop and fish at.  Even if the sign stated 'No Fishing' allowed.

This was really neat!  This was a water fall that used to run an old gin.  Above the gin is a pottery store.  They make stuff like Gary but not as cute! ;-)

Here's the info.  It was hard to get a clear picture because there was a  light right above this description.  I tried flash and no flash.  If I'd had a tri-pod or something to lean against I could have gotten a better picture with one of the other apperature settings (listen to me, sounding all photo professional, LOL!)

Here's some of the pottery they make.  See the piggies?  I like the ears, but I think Gary's have more facial personality and a better color scheme.  Maybe I'm just biased 'cuz we all *heart* Gary. ;-)

I must say, I DO love these mixing bowl, nesting pots.  Gary??  Mixing bowl, nesting pots, much??? :-)

Here are the kids and Great Aunt Patsy!  She's 81 and I must say, she gets around wonderfully and has quite the personality!  I enjoy visiting with her.  Oh, she's also quite the canner.  This year she had a lemon pie for us and shared some canned beats!  SHLURP!!

I should have cropped this first but I'm lazy.  Honestly, I didn't even take the time to cut the pixel-ation down to save space on my blog.  But, at least I'm getting these posted.  So, the good thing is you can click the pick and blow it up full screen.  Cute little family, huh?  I wonder if they have family in town as well and our giving them a tour of the lake.... ;-)

More fishing...  Lotta' fishing.....  Lotta' swimming but more fishing for Farmer, Jr.

See?  There's a fish there.  About at Farmer, Jr.'s waist.  Lil'Gal's just in there for the pose! ;-)

Another pose, only a silly face this time.  Tech-Guy taught the kids this photo fashion, LOL!  The cool thing is that the pad I'm standing on (across the water from Lil'Gal) is designed to hold a helicopter.  One day, when they retire, Hubby's cousin will bring his company helicopter out there and use it for E.M.S. on the lake.  Le'Cool?  Yes, le'cool!

Pics of the boat barn.

Beautiful, isn't it?  Hubby's cousin owns a construction company and has had years of experience with building and constructing.  He and his wife, Mrs. Lisa, are taking their time and building this step by step.  One day, they are hoping to retire up there.  Did I mention how beautiful it all is?

Can't post this without a video or two.  Here is one of the kids and Hubby jumping into the lake together, I think I might have included some additional beautiful scenery in this one:

We had such an awesome visit.  It is sooooo beautiful up there.  One morning Mrs. Lisa and myself took an early morning walk up to the marina.  I guess I should have taken my camera.  It was so lush and so peaceful and beautiful.  We stopped at a little breakfast/brunch diner at the marina and had toasted bagels with sliced strawberries.  I had cream cheese and a wonderfully, ripe tomato slice on mine.  Which was so delectable that I now have been eating something similar for breakfast daily. ;-)

Along the way we stopped at Hubby's cousin, the second of three brothers.  They live in a beautiful house waaay up an inclination.  Their oldest will pogo-stick up and down the driveway.  This driveway is so steep that I almost dive out of the vehicle when driving up it to park.  It just gives me the gravitational feeling that the vehicle will topple over backwards due to the angle of inclination.

Anyhow, Cousin #2, Mr. Don, took Farmer, Jr. on a scooter(?) ride down the drive and back up again.  My heart stopped beating on both the down and the up.  But, they had a good time! LOL!

Did you see how steep that driveway is????  Did you?  Could you imagine bouncing a pogo-stick down it and back up again?  I think not!!!!  Hubby is so funny; he didn't want to be part of the video... LOL!  Always something about weight or his balled head.  Personally, I find him quite S-E-X-Y but then I'm in love with the man! ;-) <3

Here's the trip back UP the driveway....

Notice Farmer, Jr.'s expression of joy?  What was up with that! LOL!

So at this point, I'm thinking I've lost all my readers because it took so long to read/watch this post.  But, in short, SHORT, short....that was Georgia 2010.  We also did Alabama in which Hubby's cousin Paul, Sr. got me addicted to this wonderful little pizza joint that makes THE.BEST.GREEK.SALAD.

Addicted so much, in fact, that when driving in for a middle of trip sleep-over at Paul and Paul, Jr.'s house Paul suggested we hit the same cute, pizza, salad, pasta diner.... to which Hubby knew, I was cravingly ecstatic for! :-D  Greek Salad + Southern Pecan Draft = Happy Farmer*s Wife! ;-)

Happy Alabama and Georgia!  And, Happy FWFD of the weeeeeee-eeeeeeek!  Shiner-Bock Time!



Kristi Faith said...

Wow, that looks like a great time and well deserved! :0)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh golly, what a perfect lake, and those pretty mountains and hills up there! You were so totally fortunate. And frankly, your kids are growing fast, aren't they?
I liked the piggies you showed too. I am not sure at the moment how a person does a bowl set like that, but all of it looked gorgeous didn't it? Thanks for the shout out too!
ps---keep that lake a secret, its too beautiful for crowds!!!!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Thanks Kristi! It was!

Gary, seriously! Thing about those nesting pots! ;-)

Julia said...

It looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!!

Melissa said...

How fun!! What a great vacation spot! :-D

Primary Work at Home said...

Wow nice place! I wish I can have a vacation too soon.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a good vacation! Thanks for the sharing the pics and videos!


PS I'm still around . . . just haven't felt up to writing lately. When I finally do get around to updating, you'll see why I haven't wanted to. :(

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I laughed at hubby darting out of the video. ... My gosh, how *green* everything is in Georgia. But as my Mom always says about S Carolina, "there's a reason why -- rain and humidity." ... Sorry it took so long to catch up, but my escrow closed Thursday, so I am officially out of business. :-)

lighttraveler said...

Wow, you all looked like you had a great time!

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