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Friday, June 4, 2010

Did ya' miss me? (You know you so did) ;-)


We are back from the Frio! It was fun and the kids all had such a blast. ;-) I myself was super stoked because I emailed our cabins the night before we left and they confirmed that there is now a WiFi signal there!

So, I was just thrilled knowing I'd be posting pics daily from our fun. But, I didn't. Wanna know why?

Was it because I was drunk four solid days? NO. And, I wasn't.
Was it because I was so busy having fun that I forgot all about the internet and cyberworld? NO. I did have super fun but I didn't forget about cyberworld.

Was it because what they considered a WiFi signal sucked super big @$$ PIE? YEEEES.

I survived it though. We had lot of other stuff to play with. Tech-Guy brought an iPad. Those things are SUPER DUPER COOL! I just knew he'd have one because he is up to date on all things Mac/Apple and technology gadget related.

He also took millions of awesome pictures of the kids in the water, which I WILL post some of later (maybe this evening). He was so awesome with the camera that I didn't even get mine out -- but once.

I did try to capture a little video but only got one the first day.

Anyhow, I just had to unpacked food and clothes and etc from the five day trip and now I'm preparing for Georgia again. I'm wondering if you can do a pay as you go on those WiFi cards rather than having to sign up with a contract. That would be something worth looking into for traveling.

[Does that idea make me redic?]

HAPPY SUMMER AND GUESS WHAT ELSE? Happy FWFD of the weeeeeeeeek!!!! And, FW favorite season of the yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaar!


1 comment:

kcinnova said...

Welcome back, and safe travels on your next journey!
I'm glad you had a wonderful time. I really do think a vacation from blogging and the internet in general can be a great thing. Especially if you are floating in the Frio!