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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TT Visits Farmville and FW and Dez!!!

So, between our annual river trip to the FRIO and our trip to Alabama and Georgia I had about four days to spare to unpack, wash, clean, repack, etc. Originally, TT was going to be coming down but as our plans changed to departing in the middle of the week -- well, I was going to have to miss her and her Lovie/Hubby and Sweet D was going to have to entertain and enjoy them all to herself.  :-(

BUT, she came in two days before we were to leave!!!!  Here she is with Sweet D!

And lookie what they brought me!!

I thought it was to share, but Lovie was playing the wonderful role of designated driver and loveable, chauffeur to his wife during their visit -- this was just a gift for Lil'Ol Meeeee!  (Surely, I share; but me and Uncle J are the only 'oil' drinkers [as the Hubsters calls us] around.... ;-)

Here we all are!!!  Me, TT, and Sweet D!  What a three!

At first, I had a slight panic attack (totally, I mean between the trips and packing, etc. I hadn't dusted a baseboard! [GASP!] Or steamed my floors (which is always a 'To Do' before we leave out of town) and I had tons to do in addition to the five loads of laundry sitting on the cart in the living room waiting to be folded.  And, all before TT's unexpected early arrival with her Hubby and Sweet D that afternoon. But, it all worked out!

No baseboards. [TT agreed not to look or finger dust.]  But, toilets and loos scrubbed, mirrors polished, floors steamed and a homemade mexican fajita dinner ready to go!!! :-) FW knows how to pull it all together!!

TT met the pets!

[Mr. Cuddle's was introduced by Farmer, Jr.]

[Piper, hammin' it up!  Adorable, YES???]

They got to meet the 'Big'un' [Brandi!] and the Lil'er'Un [Dulce] but of course, we couldn't get Dulce out because she just wouldn't play fair with Piper.  shame....

Of course, the Hubster showed TT's Lovie the farm and the tractors and such.  And, we had to get a toy or two out...  Here is TT's Hubby [a true lover of a beautiful lawn and all machines that go with] taking a ride on Hubby/Farmer, Jr.'s lawn mowing toy/machine. ;-D

Can't leave out the Go-Cart ride with Farmer, Jr. as the wonderful driver he is!!!

We had a fabulous time! It was so great to see TT and her Hubby. Uncle J, the Hubster and TT's Marine-man got along really well. Good people. The Hubster really enjoyed visiting with them and so did Uncle J.

That's hubby cookin' the meat; [Left to Right] TT, Sweet D, Uncle J [Notice the Shiner Bock ;-D ], TT's Lovie and the glass full of pink 'koolaid' is where I'd be, but I was taking the photo!

And, I know the whole trip was such a great break for TT; those of you who read her and follow her blog know that she has been juggling both Parentals, in their later ages. They finally had to move them in their own home which makes things easier and yet tougher?

What a job. With older parents' pain issues, dimensia, etc. it is unbelievably stressful. But she does it. And, her Hubby/Lovie supports her.  What a Lady.  What a wonderful Child.  And, what a great friend!

Anyhow, I was so thrilled that I didn't miss her trip down. After all, we'd all been planning it for about six months!



Gary's third pottery blog said...

ALL you were missing is me and Jay!!!! :)

Baseball Mom said...

Glad you didn't miss the visit. :) Sounds like loads of fun were had. :)

tt said...

can I just say how much fun we had??!!! seriously....bestest part of our too short trip! FW and Sweet D...OMG!!! the absolute best peeps on earth! Thank you for showing us such a great time. LOVED the 'cart' ride too...seriously!!! :)