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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I SHOULD... [But?]


I should be...

  • on the treadmill; or at least, doing the great Pilates DVD I have.
  • cleaning the mirrors in Hubby and I's bathroom.
  • taking something out for dinner (I'm thinking light and left-overs again instead).
  • dusting lots of stuff I usually obsess about dusting but have tried to avoid/ignore/pretend away.
  • replacing the light bulb in the deer tine chandelier my MIL and FIL got for me and Hubby when we moved into the house.
  • reading my fellow bloggies posts to catch up, since it appears I'm in the mood to be irresponsible/lazy.
  • making the three new pair of flip-flops I owe Lil'Gal's friends (their feet were too big for the size I previously purchased).
  • organizing the coupons I've printed and clipped from the flyers in Sunday's paper.
  • scheduling some play dates (well, WonderMom text me for Thursday so I did that much). ;-)
  • running some more laundry and folding the three loads that are clean and dry.
  • working on a writing project I started two months ago but got side tracked by the end of school stuff with the kids and all the traveling.
  • cleaning out my appliance garage a/k/a hiding place for cr@p that would otherwise be out on the bar.
  • calling a dear friend of mine.
  • writing for a source or two that will earn me a few extra $$.
  • Oh, that reminds me, billing the notaries I did yesterday and sending via email.
  • organizing Farmer, Jr.'s room so it is easier for him to clean up his messes.
  • doing my job of SAHM/WAHM instead of pretending I'm someone who is on summer break.
  • making a few important phone calls (eh, it's 4:40 so it's probably too late to get through to anyone anyhow.
  • not pretending today is Friday afternoon; FWFD of the week.....

What AM I doing?  Well, other than this blog post... it seems I'm wasting my day away....  Though, partly finishing the two of three books I'm currently reading....  And....  well, generally slacking....

Shame FW, for shame.  Happy Tuesday!



The Queen said...

I have totally wasted my day.. waiting for the Deadliest Catch episode that is gonna make me cry..and avoiding the heat..

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Queen, thanks for joining me. LOL!

And, um. What is the "Deadliest Catch'? I think I might need to watch that if it is something that makes YOU cry! Aren't you the one that doesn't cry at movies???

Do share! ;-)

Jay said...

Excellent! That other stuff doesn't sound like any fun anyway. ;-)

Kristi Faith said...

Sometimes it's just what we need. ;)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I think sometimes there are days where very little gets done. You just wait to the next one.

kcinnova said...

Pffft. It *IS* summer break. And it's no fun if you don't take some time off here and there to enjoy it! It will be gone before you blink again, and then we will all be inundated with school activities.