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Saturday, June 5, 2010


The Host, by Stephanie Meyer, my take.

Many of you [it's common knowledge] are aware that I was totally taken in by the whole Twilight Saga.  I've read the books (devoured them, actually) and seen AND OWN the two movies released so far [Twilight; New Moon].  And, by seen, I mean probably 30 times a piece and every time I channel surf and find something about them on cable.

On June 30th, Eclipse will be opening [insert high-pitched SUPER-SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE] and my phone/text messages/and emails have been coming in to mark the date and schedule a Gal's viewing together of the third out of the four movies in the Saga.

When I heard that Stephanie Meyer had a new book out, her first novel written for adults, I had to snatch up a copy.  After all, any author of Twilight is an author of mine. ;-)

So, after completing two other books I was currently in the middle of reading [and setting a couple of others I've promised to finish aside] I finally popped it open.  I knew and had read reviews that it wasn't 'Twilight' in style.  But, I think at first there was still some longing in my heart for that type of romantic passion. [Where'er is my sweet Edward... LOL!]

There is romantic passion in this book.  But, that isn't really the basis or purpose of the story in this book.  That is a small side line that is woven into the main character [The Wanderer] and the body [Melanie's] she shares (as her unwilling host) and the development and learning about the power of relationships and human/alternate species bonding.

Though Wanda is so incredibly more intelligent and experienced on some levels, she is just as much a part of us and as lost as we sometimes are in our human lives ourselves.

This book is a whole lot more Sci-Fi in nature.  And, I am NOT a Sci-Fi kind of Gal.  I'm all kissy face, sunshines and blossoms, romantic love, the girl gets the boy, TEAM EDWARD kinda' Gal.

But I read it, stumbling through from time to time with my mind wanting to know what happened next but missing that intoxicating addictive withdrawal I went through while reading her first four Twilight Saga books.

I completed the book last night.  Well, actually, about two o'clock this morning.  Hubby finally gave up on trying to understand it and I hit the couch with book light in hand to finish just a few more pages.  Which ended up being several more chapters and the extras at the end of the book.

As I began reading this book over our holiday river trip vacation, I did begin to feel that draw.  That feeling that while playing cards with Bex, I was secretly longing to jump back in and see what was going on with Wander/Wanda and Melanie, and Wanda and Jared, and Melanie and Jared and Wanda and Ian, Jeb and of course the ever-loveable and adorable Jamie.

[Don't worry, Bex was feeling the same thing over her Dragon Tattoo Girl book she was reading]. ;-)

This morning I was swapping laundry and I felt that little twinge of "I wonder what they are doing now" kind of thinking.  To me, that always is my realization that the story was one that would stay with me.

If you are a Sci-Fi lover, I think you will enjoy the energy of this story.

NOW:  There were a few things that I thought.  Hmmmpft.  I don't think it quite should have gone like this/that/the other. But this is my own personal idiosyncrasy when it comes to reading and fictional escape.  And, my never ending search for another Edward. ;-)

This novel was an easier read for me compared to one like Dear John which, in the end, tore my heart out so bad that I had to immediately throw myself into the Morganville Vampire series and other vampiracly (my own word) paranormal story lines.

I was please to discover that Stephanie Meyer does have the ability to write outside the Twilight genre which she will forever be best known for.  [At least in my mind/house/circle of Twilight Mom friends.]

For those of you who 'just didn't get it' on the whole Twilight Saga, I'd say that you should give Stephanie Meyer's The Host a chance.  I'm thinking she will surprise you.

Don't judge a book by it's cover.  And, don't judge an author merely on what you have previously loved or disliked.



Melissa said...

It's been awhile since I last read it, so I'll definitely have to give it another go - maybe when I'm done reading my current book. You know what I didn't like about it? The name "Wanda". Of all the things NOT to like about a book. LOL! I enjoyed it, though - even after coming off the whole Twilight high.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Lis, I agree about 'Wanda' even though I understand where it came from. ;-)