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Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm just pondering... that's all...

I'm pondering.  Though, some might call it rambling.

But, if it is truly thought based and questioning in reason, then isn't that actually pondering?  Rambling is just going on and on about much-a-do about a whole lot of stuff that adds up to be nuthin'.  Right?

So, definitely.  I'm definitely just pondering (along the scrambled rambles firing off in my mind).

I love blogging. But, yet, I've hardly blogged as of late.  How many did I actually post in July?  Even, I don't know the count (though, the rest of y'all can look at my sidebar while reading this -- I can't see it while in post mode.  Blogger should change that.)

I have tons of pictures and lots of stuff to help muddle up and fill up the cyber world with. Stuff that someone will read, even if eventually...  And, yet.  I haaaaaven't done it.

I should also be doing something creatively constructive like writing something (wait, does this post count?) or working on my next writing assignment.  I should be practicing my telekinesis since I've been dreaming those dreams again (I've dreamt them off and on since early childhood).  The cool thing is that in my current dreams, I'm better at it, quicker, and even though I don't really sleep well those nights I dream it -- I haven't been waking with the headache I used to.  Strange, huh?

Though, I will say that when I wake up I sometimes find myself mentally willing the light to turn on or the shower, etc.  Weird.  Takes me a minute or two to realize that I'm in reality and no longer a dream state.  Still?  Maaaaakes me wonder?  [Pondering]

Do you believe in the powers of the mind?  Of mind over matter and energy?

Instead, I have been spending my 'extra' time delving so much into books with other places, other venues, other species? Other worlds where, though life is still full of action and complications, it seems less rigorous and easier to be a part of.  I mean, I checked out a 450 page book on Saturday and finished it by noon today.

And at that rate, Rose (the main character) has got to be totally exhausted from so much happening in so few hours...  and, yet, rather than give her a break -- I'm thrilled that I had the whereabouts to also check out the following book in the series or I'd be wondering all evening/night where my 'Academy' peeps be. ;-)

And, what if she missed me?  She might enjoy all the attention her life and her story has been getting.  Like coming to life again.  It has to be boring being just a character written within pages, stagnant until someone visits you, making you come alive again by reading those pages.

Had I left that book there at the library, would it be possible for her to feel stagnant?  And, left behind?  Just when she was getting to so regularly live out her story again?  [I Ponder]

Do you think characters in a book get bored when the pages remain untouched?  Do you think they really have some life-source when we read the pages and the events of their lives?  As if, each time someone cracks the cover of a book, the characters get to be real again, alive, and live out their story?

It's just a thought.  [And, no I ain't been drinkin' or smokin or anything like that...just thinking creatively, that's all.  Just pondering.  No need to go call the folks with the van and the white jacket...] he, he! ;-)

It might partly be that obsessive compulsive part of my brain -- you know, the part where when I get and/or find something new and fun and cool, I throw every ounce of time I can squeeze out into it for months, sometimes years on end until....eventually, something new comes along and the cycle begins all over again.

Currently, I'm sitting on my beautiful front porch which needs landscaping along with the rest of the yard and house -- that'll probably be my next obsession when we finally figure out what we want to do and get started -- it'll probably be hard to keep my fingers free of dirt and my pocket book safe from the nurseries, LOL!

But, I'm sitting here with my dogs and watching the children play while all this purges itself from my mind.

Even as I type this post, the back of my mind keeps nagging me like the beeper on the microwave that 'Blood Promise' is sitting on the island in the kitchen, just a mere four feet or so behind me.  At this very moment, my mind is staring at it using those infamous eyes in the back of my head to look through the full length kitchen window just behind the bench I am sitting on.

The second nag in the back of my mind is that I have yet to 'Shark' the floors today.  But, that isn't coming from my creative quadrant.  That is coming from my responsible quadrant.  You know, the dry, humorless, critical thinking, check-listing one.

Hey, maybe the kids would hit the window sills and baseboards for me for $1.00 and I could get on that as soon as I dock Macxine with her charger and cool deck?  Hmmmm.  That'd be nice!  And, then I wouldn't feel so guilty when I trod back to the treadmill this evening, 'Blood Promise' in tow and promising more of the same and yet more of the new.  [Being responsible, definitely NOT pondering]

[Not that I have to tread the mill while reading, but gosh.  Isn't it such a productive concept?  If children and chores would allow, I think I'd walk through an entire 500 page book without even realizing it.  It's this new concept that has overtaken me.  And, I personally, find it quite the AWW-some. ;-)]

Well, the kids have found me and my mind is now overwhelmed with two voices and four conversations about six topics....  So, I guess no more pondering.  Though?  Do share?  I'd enjoy knowing what you ponder about my ponders....

Happy Monday!



Gary's third pottery blog said...

I know what you mean, it has been hard to keep up with other people's blog posts of late, so much other stuff to do! And like jay is on some kind of weird break. Just how it is I guess. :)

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think characters of a book feel stagnant when the book isn't being read. I DO, however, think there's a story in that. Dig it out! Write it!


Baseball Mom said...

I like Pondering better than Rambling. This is a busy time. Want to do so much, and yet not get very far on the "to-do"