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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fluster-CLUCK! Even for an Optimist like me.

Yes, so apparently, I can have a Fluster-Cluck day too. Which is blech.

The good thing about it is, I know how to swallow it cry about it drink myself over it and laugh about it in the end.

The day started out all sweet smellin' while me and my awesome MIL were literally smelling all the sweet, sour, fruity, fresh, clean, manly and other scents available from my friend who sells Scentsy products. [AWESOME COOL; like a plug in candle.]

I return home to a wonderful [two hour] call from my Daddy and all is well, except for the fact that I got absolutely nothing else done. [Well, I did publish a recipe so I got some content in today.]

While preparing to pick up the kids hours early from school (Lil'Gal had an appointment with the PA regarding all her urinary issues) I rubbed my itchy eye. It began to feel like there was something very large in it. I run to the mirror only to see that my eye is bulging and growing out and over my eyelid. Like a bubble. Like a blister. "OMG! I ruptured my eye!!! It's oozing out of my skull!!!"

I would immediately jump in the Chariot and race to my loveable eye doc but I'm due to leave to take Lil'Gal to her oh-so-more-important-than-me urinary specialist appointment. I google 'eye bubble' and what do I find? Allergy related; take 'prescription allergy drops' (done), get a steroid drop, may need antibiotic drop; it will not fall out....

So, I drive miserably to get the kids, and an hour all the way back to the appointment (with part of my eyeball bubbled over the side). Appointment ends with Lil'Gal needs her watch (lost, must buy new one), Lil'Gal must/needs/medically required to attend pelvic floor training once a week. Lil'Gal's bladder does not expel all the urine each time = bad, and culprit for UTI infections. If Lil'Gal can't retrain her bladder muscles and we can't get the spasms and crap under control, she could one day have to be cathetered every time it is time to empty her bladder = MAMA CRIES. [It'll be okay, we'll jump through every hoop....]

Try to call hubby = iPhone key pad locks up.  !!??Explicative!!??

Head back to drop off children with Fab MIL and on my way to have my eye put back in and Farmer, Jr. is not feeling well which turns out = He's sick; fever. No bueno.

Go see wonderful, awesome, great eye doc and he puts me on: new allergy drop, steroid drop, benadryl, with suggestion that I see a specialist regarding severe eye allergy issue = possibly I will require shots. He puts eyeball back in...
(See the red place on my eye?  A few hours ago that was all full of fluid down under my bottom eye lid and growing outside of my bottom eye lid.
Ew. Ow.)

Visit pharmacy for 45 minutes = $60 for steroid drop (with insurance).  Call MIL but iPhone key pad still locked up!!  I could surf the web, FB, play Angry Birds and text but no 'dial'. !!explicative!!

[Brain storm] text Sweet D and she calls MIL for me.

Get home to a mess, laundry piled in living room, past dinner time, two test this week for Farmer, Jr. Science tomorrow and [mother !#%$%$#] Social Studies Friday... Wait, Farmer, Jr. won't be in school tomorrow due to said fever = Crap all over again.

Enter house and smell dead rat = FW must find dead smell and possibly rat carcass.

Kids prepare to shower but NO hot water. FW now thinking SFD! and WTF! Send sick child to my bathroom to shower; the other to follow but NO HOT WATER in MY bathroom either (we have two water heaters). GRRRR = FW walks out in cold 40 mph winds to figure out water heater issue.  While out there FW feeds dogs; Farmer, Jr's job but he is sick with fever and should not be out in cold fricken' wild-@$$ wind.

Dead Rat + No Hot Water + Sick Child = FW panic attack as we have company coming to stay with us in a few days and Hubby is FAR, FAR away in SD pheasant hunting... With no phone signal...

Fix hot water heater, insert steroid drops, boil and reheat dinner while kids bathe in now hot water (TTL our's are on-demand so water is heated immediately), every once in awhile I push my eyeball back in though it is getting somewhat better and then -- FW pours herself a drink.

Hubby calls and worships how awesome I am.  And, that my dear friends is how FW fixes a F[C]luster-C[F]uck!  Happy Hump-Day (what a bunch of humps it had), almost the day before FWFD of the _____________ [insert squeeeeeee!]



Anonymous said...

Good grief!

I hope it wasn't Scensty products that caused the allergic reaction!
What was wrong with the water heaters? What nice drink did you have? And please, please tell me you didn't have to deal with a rat. Because THAT would be my total breaking point. A phone call would have been made to the nearest adult male to come and assist.

LOL, my word verification is "sights"

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

KC, as you are probably aware my eyes are a daily issue for me. The scentsy's did nothing but make my nose smile.

It is all the 'environmental allergens' that get to my eyes often; why today it decided to scare the pie out of me and swell out like that? I dunno.

The Rat. I still haven't found the source. I did pour bleach down the drain in the utility room (strongest sense of the stench). Possibly, a good cover?

The other man I'd call is also on the trip with my DH. That'd be my BIL. My FIL is home but they have some of our family staying with them -- and, I can handle a rat carcass. I'm all Texan that way, LOL!!!!

[You however, luckily have four to five men around all the time!]

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Oh, and what was in the shot glass? Is that what you meant? Well, when Hubby called friends around heard me relay the story -- one friend said, he was having 'shots' and I should join him. [They all know me well.]

I told Hubby to relay that said friend could join ME, as I was treating myself to a self medicated brain relaxer and anxiety detoxer, otherwise know as VODKA.

I only had the one, though. After all it's a work/school night and I'm all responsible like that. :-D

Kelly Dawn said...

oh good lord and red gravy - i would have been cussing and muttering all damn day long and would have had to fix meself SEVERAL Salty Dogs....

and i am all Texas but i DO NOT DO RATS...period...if it has 4 legs? it had better meow or bark and I would prefer that it only bark...

BIG off to fix me a drink :)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

, my Grandpa always called it 'Red Eye' gravy. How come they ate all that but never died from it? Good eats, I tell ya'!

Meagan said...

Sounds like a heck of a day! Mine was not very good either, so the empathy I have for you is real and strong. Here's to hoping Thursday runs a little more smoothly. :)
Peace and Love,

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH GOOD LORD GAL! All of that and a RAT too you poor thing?????
At least your nails look cheerful :) hang in there and best wishes today!

Anonymous said...

good gracious, no wonder your husband married you! you're amazing! so sorry you had such a rotten day, though. weird about your eye, so glad it's better! hope it doesn't happen again! :(


Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Gary, I can't find the rat. But the stench is still there. I put bleach down the floor drain which helps. I'm wondering if it is in the attic near the vent...

Eeeew. Peeyuuuew.

And, thank you! My nails are quite pink and cheery!

Knight said...

"Life's too short not to live it as a Texan." Love it. You sure are livin it gal. Cheers!

tt said...

ok...i'll quit my gritchin' had the day from he!! for sure. I would have been so nucking futs I'd have spilled my drink...xo

Melissa said...

Man, oh, man! What a rotten, no good, horrible, very bad day. Your eye bubble had me squirming in my chair. Eeks!

And by the way - you ARE awesome!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Ha! Ha! Lis, totally recognize that! And, 'Aw Shucksl' sayin' I'm great and all. I mean, I say it but I'm slightly biased towards myself.


And, the eye bulge/bubble thing. I hope I never have that happen again... [squirming]

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

That sounds a little like my Monday. Thankfully today went better even though we still had a doctor appt. and Peanut had to have more blood drawn. She had an accident, but not bad.

Glad the eye is better. I'm with Lis! Squirming in my chair!