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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We're All Sneetches

Politics. It ages me. It stresses me. I have friends the whole year long and then suddenly they divide on Facebook on Chat on Emails and this and that. What is it with this one day?

We are ALL allowed to think our OWN way... Where does the great divide begin?
What makes one of us good and the other friend sin?

Voting is a right, to make it all right.
We all see what is best in our own way.

I am never more glad to see my diversity of friends,
than after an awful, wretched election day.

For in the end we are all the same friends,
with the wonderful freedom to choose our own way.

We are all Sneetches:

Be sure to recognize the 'purple politician' who eggs us all on in plight of our money:

to add my personal commentary rhyme to Dr. Seuss if I may,

There really aren't parties to toss about our votes.
It is the Me and the You and the Others we know.

AND, the fact we are lucky to vote our opinion in hopes
that the coagulation of all our thoughts and beliefs combined,
will make our years ahead better this time.

If you took the time to watch that the Sneetches the entire way through,

one would realize it mirrors the ME and the YOU.

HAPPY HUMP-DIGGITY DAY! Politics are over and we all just get along again!

[EDITORS NOTE: I am so going to republish this in some fashion via Triond to earn me some pennies... But, I wrote it HERE because y'all are my peeps and we are all stronger united.]



Knight said...

This was really lovely. Thanks for that Gal!

Anonymous said...

Perfect. Dr. Seuss was a wise man. Have you read The Butter Battle book? (I love it in the video format.) Everyone fighting because one side likes to eat bread with the butter side down and the other side likes their bread with the butter side up.

I have friends all over the political spectrum. We can stay friends because I don't spout my political opinions (and I do my best to keep them from doing so in my presence).