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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thank You.

Thank you.

I haven't said it in quite awhile. Though, I think it quite often. So, this is me officially thanking all of you 'out loud' so that you do know how much I appreciate that you share your time here and there with me and my blog and my family and my life.

That is a big thing. For someone to take time out of their day to read about someone else. Someone not media, not a super-star, not 'in print', just someone. It is funny because I often daydream about suggesting to Ellen or Oprah or Jay Lenno or those other guys to have a guest on from time to time from a drawing who is just a 'regular guy or gal'. What we do is the same as so many of those celebs and all -- on a typical day in and day out -- we just don't get paid so much and aren't so notorious.

Today, I feel notorious. Because of all of you. I clicked over to my blog (which has been neglected due to life, school, family, yada-yada and yada) to see if I could squeeze in a few catch ups of my peeps in my blogroll. [I have a feed to a reader but I like to read and scroll through my blog roll to see everyones' captions... like skimming books on a shelf :-D]

And, then "[GASP! Happy intake of air!] I have a new follower. I have been quite neglective and yet someone found reason to follow me! How... How... How totally cool and uplifting!"

Sure I know that there are people who take the time to visit me though they never comment. I find their little trails in my stat counter and it warms my heart. "Someone visited me today. From some place I've never been." That is cool. Truly.

So, after all the humdrum y'all already know about the turkeys baked, the dressing for 80 - 100, the social studies test this week [chicken biskets! Grrr-diddle], the science test, the PFE (pelvic floor exercises and therapy for Lil'Gal each night), the short school week and the watch from Singapore that is supposed to be on it's way BACK to me once again... I just wanted to say, "Hey! Thanks! Y'all Rock! Y'all make a Farmer*sWife feel special!"

Thank you. And, to all of those dear truly to you too.

Oh, and to my new follower? I haven't found exactly who you are yet. Please and kindly, introduce yourself in a comment? And, thank you for the smile that I wear. A click and a follow might be a little thing but a click and a follow can be so heartwarming too.

Happy Hump-Day Y'all! Put some Diggity in it! I know I will! Oh, and don't forget to throw out a few, "Thank You"s...



Gary's third pottery blog said...

GO GAL! Thank YOU :)

Anonymous said...

I can't find me on your list of followers and I don't know why. Oh, well. You know I'm there.

And hey, if you feel like cooking any more, I just realized that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!!!! and if you cooked, then I could sit here and blog... LOL!

My word verification is "ovena"
Oven a
Yeah, that needs cleaning, too.

Knight said...

Thank you for being so gosh darn entertaining and fantastic! Cheers!

Melissa said...

Aw . . . THANK YOU for being such a great and true friend. :-D