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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For a Good Laugh (You're Welcome) :-)

So, I heard this bit on the way to the grocery store after having sweetly tucked my children into class.  The You-Tube version below does not have any video so feel free to listen while you work.  It is hilarious if you stick with it.  Just know, that the final punch line does have a couple of 'appropriately placed' curse words for the sake of 'comedic impact'.

I've heard this skit several times and I always end up laughing out loud!

This is another hilarious one;  I love the part about his son wanting to buy a truck...  If you can't listen to the whole thing then at least make it 3 minutes in where he talks about his first vehicle, a 196? VW Bug.  Remember those?  HEEEE-LARIOUS!!!  If you CAN listen to the whole thing?  OMG, you'll laugh so hard you'll almost pee yourself!!  [And, this one is 'cursed' free.]

Happy Tuesday!! Hope I made ya' laugh!


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