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Thursday, February 10, 2011

PISS & MOAN: The Moral of the Story

Yeah, so I probably should vlog this.  But as it is, I'm slipping it in here and there while tending to the household chores and preparing for company for dinner tomorrow (YAY!) and working on [more] school party stuff.  [We've had a lot of stuff going on at school lately....]

But, I don't have time to make the video and then upload and Hubby would probably walk in and ask me why I was talking to myself.  And, I'm all frazzled and frizzed from cleaning (although, I do think I look pretty sexy in my tight cammo T-shirt, lace-up boots and jeans.)  :-D

Anyhow, back to the P!$$ and Moan.  This has been a fairly cr@ppy week; and full of lots of stuff I didn't want to do/deal with.  So I was gripin' about it all on Monday and woke to the phone at 5:am Tuesday that the ambulance was on the way to get my mom and I needed meet them at the hospital (about an hour away, driving in the dark, which I am not supposed to do).

Not catching the hint, I was whiny Tuesday evening about other stuff coming up and, though, glad that mom was okay -- frustrated with having lost a day or at least half of a day.  Wake up the next morning to make up for two days lost only to get a call that Mom is having an allergic reaction to her antibiotic and that needs to be changed IMMEDIATELY.  But, I'm an hour away and the doctor closes in like 45 minutes and the nurse won't put me through to Mom's doctor but instead insists that she come in. [Ahem, again I explained to the nurse that Mom is practically bed ridden and just released from 6 hours in the ER the day before.  Pneumonia, in case you are curious.]

Anyhow, that all finally got worked out, Mom back home and to bed and resting and taking her meds and healing slowly.

So, again -- missing the hint/s I'm whining about the cold and having to get out for the kids field trip and stuff.  Having settled myself to terms and done with my tantrum [it is really all about the cold; I *hate* the cold] I get to school and am reading in my Chariot waiting for time to leave.  My tummy growled at me -- I'd forgotten to eat breakfast because I usually eat when I get home from dropping off the kids.

And, considering it was 29 degrees outside the vehicle started to get pretty cold.  So, I decide to drive over to the local jalisco style restuarant to eat a taco and warm up while waiting for time to leave for the field trip.  And, that is when it happened.

DEAD.  BATTERY.  Holy Chalupa Batman!!  What-the-hey?!  And, in about an hour and fifteen minutes I am supposed to drive three children to the field trip.  So, I call Hubby and get lucky.  He's available and the Knight-in-Shining-Armor [John Deere Green] he is, he comes out with a new battery and fixes the Chariot all up just in time for our excursion.

The Moral of the Story IS:  FW!  Quit your Gripin!  Quit P!$$in' and Moanin' because Karma comes back around and Karma is sayin, "Hey?  You have it pretty well so if you don't like it how it is -- I, Karma, can change it for you."  Me, "No thank you Karma.  I learned my lesson.  I want my normally, scheduled routine back.  Thank you."

AND, get this!  Something else came up today and I so, totally, wanna' stomp my feet and whine and p!$$ and moan.  But, I'm fighting the urge.  I must heal myself from this negativity, spoiled, whininess that has been plaguing me.

So starting tomorrow I will be singing THIS song.  Because I'm not about P!$$ and Vinegar.  I'm made of sweet wine, blossoms and sunshine.  ;-)  And, after all, tomorrow IS FWFD of the WEEEEEEEEEK!!!!

Make it a beautiful one!



Melissa said...

Poop. You really did have a tough week. Hooray, tomorrow is Friday!! Hopefully things will soon return to normal for you. :-D

The Queen said...

kick karma in the butt, give it some wine,, and tell it to deal with your tantrum..

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Ha ha! Queen, you made me giggle. I'll tell ya' though. My 'blossoms and sunshine' attitude has brought me a great two days since! ;-)

tt said...

just a thought here...but wonen generally live longer b/c we piss and moan...we get it out and go on...see..what you did was get it out..put it out into the universe and Karma decided to see how you'd react to one more thing..the battery...and you sailed right thru it with only a phone call. actually passed the test!!! woohoo for you!!!