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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LAUGH! at ME! Things I ALMOST FB'd today...

Me. all humorous-jumerous. ;-P  [I've been doing a lot of that too, lately.  The whole smiley, goofy tongue out thingie....  Hey, I yam what'I'yam...]

It has been brought to my attention that I post a lot on FB.  I have also heard some say, "People don't have to post everything about their day...."  But, as a reformed tweeter (believe me, I had a problem.  I think it was an intervention that caused tweet deck to lock up and fail on me, never to work right again) I still post those little 140 character notes.  I'm habitual.

It's like texting with a whole bunch of people at once.  My Lil'Brother brought it to my attention today that I am 10% of his posts.  He has a 130+ friends.  So, I'm one out of every 13.  Or is it 13 to every one of the other peeps posts.  Oh, and he commented that I am 'always' on (line, that is -- though, I find my humor pretty accessible too. *snort*).  We all know I'm available (again, ONLINE.  No dirty minds) most of the time somehow by LT or iPhone, to which I hope to one day add 'iPad'.  So, yeah.  I'm pretty much always here.  But in an effort to save myself from being hidden by all my FB friends -- I'm holding back.  Some.

Here is what I almost FB posted today: (You know, in addition to the stuff I DID put out there, on-line.)

Charlie is back on Two and a Half Men tonight, I hope he has his $h!t together.

Hubby splurged on Ralph Lauren sheets and OMG they are awesome.  To which I would have added the following comments:
--  I'm too cheap to buy RL sheets
-- Yes, Hubby actually went sheet shopping

Considering I woke every hour on the hour from midnight on last night; and actually got up at 4:30a.m., throwing in the towel on rest -- I think I'm doing pretty good at clickity clicking off the check list.

Book + Treadmill = Me Multi-tasking

Sweeeeet!  I'm prepped for dinner!

I want a Suburban, because there are times when Bigger IS better.  This is one of them.  I'm not picky though.  I'd TOTALLY settle for the extended Expedition. This one would have been posted from my iPhone.  Kids in back seat not getting along and all.  But, I would have pulled over and posted it at the stop sign and 'off the highway and on the totally deserted' county road.

Am not!  Okay, so totally am....

I don't wanna' hear it.

"Hey, Mr. DJ put a record on.... I wanna' dance with my baby"....  (Sometimes Madonna channels through me. Go figure.)

"Only got four minutes to save the world!"  There she goes again; or, maybe that one was Justin Timperlake.  I like the Justin.  Um, well, Justins.  But, like TOOOTALLY not in that cougar way. [Except for the older, legal one... maybe.  *snicker*!]

There were more.  And, will be.  But, like I said.  I'm trying to reconfigure my brain so that I don't smother my peeps for fear they will hide me.  And, then who will read me over there at FB and link back to over here??  ;-X  Super GASP!!!  I'm trying.  But, it's a long, multi-stepped process and the first step is admitting "I" have a problem.  And, I'm just not quite there yet.  I've only accepted that my Lil'Bro's comment might.  Might.  Have inferred that I have a problem.

So.  Baby posts.  I mean steps.  ;-P  (there I go with that again.)

Happy "I wrote this MONDAY but am so out of the box, breaking the rules posting on TUESDAY!!!!"




Melissa said...

Ha! I tend to vomit FB posts, too, but I'm trying to curtail what and how often I share. I notice that many of my "friends" no longer comment on my posts, and I'm wondering if they've "hidden" me at long last.

Knight said...

Well I don't think you post too much. You come up in my reader a normal amount but I also have over 500 friends so that is bound to balance it out, right? Maybe your lil bro doesn't have enough facebook fanatic friends?

Jay said...

I never concern myself with the Facebook or Twitter police who bitch about how often people post or what they post about. ;-)

Stephanie said...

LOL! Great posts!!

The Queen said...

I love reading your facebook posts,, reminds me there is happy out there.. joy in life... joy in just being in the middle of life.. I love you..

Anonymous said...

You're just balancing me out. I might check into fb every day or so, but I don't update my status very often.

Congratulations (?) on breaking the twitter habit... sort of!! ;)