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Monday, February 28, 2011

FW Poetry: An Ode' to my iPhone

So, it has been quite the while since FW has shared some poetry for the love of her inanimate things.  I've 'oded' to the dishwasher, the old bissell flip-it and even the dust-buster.  Today, I 'ode' to appreciate an item of a different variety.

TECHNOLOGY.  :-)  I do so 'ode'ore you.

An ODE to my awesome iPHONE

Ode to my iPhone, which I always cradle near.
Your vibrating chirps, I always revere.

You're loyal, dependable and always on cue.
Mac gets jealous as his Wi-Fi isn't as astute.

In the light and the dark, power or lack of plug,
we have a charging bond from which we share our constant love.

We share emails and music and FB galore.
I'm overwhelmed with your awesome, technological allure.

One day a new (i)Pad will roam within these walls,
just know you'll always be my first to go to for texting and those occasional, actual calls.

I thank you sweet iPhone and Hubby for carrying the monthly rate,
as we were destined to be together, you and I, by a techno-addictive fate.

Happy Wednesday a/k/a Hump Day!

Hump-Diggity!  Diggity, Diggity, Diggity....  (Remember that show?)



Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I got ahead of myself; Happy Tuesday!

Melissa said...

Ha! Love it!

kcinnova said...

Ah, this is why I cannot get an iphone. It's bad enough that I am addicted to playing solitaire on the computer. (oh, yeah, another thing I should give up for Lent... because hello? Addiction?)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Because of my iPhone, I no longer have to climb 30 foot tall pines in Arkansas for service. :-P

And, one day when I decide on an iPad (probably the iPad 3 this fall) I'll have service to IT ALL!!! [Insert loud, happy, power hungry evil laugh!]