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Friday, February 4, 2011

Raising a Jumper

Lil'Gal is a lot like me.  And, by a LOT I mean a lot.  I do what I wanna' do, how I wanna' do it and don't try to tell me otherwise or be prepared to verbally fence with me over the logic.

As a child her age, however, I was not true to myself.  This was due to the fact that my childhood was...well, not. good.  You know those Lifetime movies where the child comes from such hardship, such misery, such a struggle and finally triumphs in the end?  Yeah.  Well, I lived it.  And, it wasn't that pretty and all wrapped up in Kleenex commercials either.

That said.  Once I got old enough to have a voice, I used it.  And, I haven't stopped.  And, it drives me nutty that Lil'Gal will not follow the rules and tests every boundary; having no respect for the word "NO". In this way she and I are POLAR opposites.  I like lines drawn, black, white, no gray.  I's dotted, T's crossed and no extra curly cues.  [Unless you feed me wine or some other spirit; then, I'm much more pliable -- LOL!]  Ha ha!

I just caught another pun in that one; double pun = strike one up for FW creativity with words. :-D

Raising a Jumper.  This is what Lil'Gal is.  She's a jumper.  She is not afraid of life.  Though, she deals with some physical hardships that sometime wane her emotional strength and sometime cause her a moment of pause, she never doubts herself.  And, she never gives up.  Believe me, if you know her you know you'd cry 'uncle' just due to the sake that you were exhausted from the battle/struggle/debate.

She might on occasion develop a sudden case of the shys but it is fleeting and only related to her age.  When she's reached adulthood?  Hear her roar, oh yes we will.  She is head strong and determined and she jumps right into life.  In every aspect.

She's a jumper.  And, as I watch her and struggle to deal with her mental strength and strong will; trying to teach her that there are indeed boundaries that must be respected and enforced, I see so much of myself in her.  Only she is free-er to implement this part of her personality from the start.

She won't be told, she won't be fenced in, and she won't be easily influenced.  Like a wild horse who refuses to be broken.  She jumps into the group and I often find in the end she's running the show.  So all of this hard-part-of-parenting is so totally worth it.  Sure, I'm going gray at an early age (okay, not that early).  Sure we share temper tantrums.  But, one day....  one day not that far from now.....

She's going to jump herself right into success.  She's going to dive right in and find love and a life to be proud of.

So what are the rest of us waiting for?  We only live one life (that I know of so far).  So, be a jumper.
[Sound my my splash as I jump right in.]



The Queen said...

The the Queen loves lil gal.. and I demand you let her fly free... well.. fly free with momma birds hand on her.. to guide her..

Heart you long time..

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I try Madam Queen, I try. ;-)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Oh, and I have to say that writing this about her so empowered me and gave me strength because I have just been watching her deal with so many things lately and I found a new level of appreciation of how strong and bold she is, and with that a new level of 'parenting' patience... because I totally understand her, even better now.

Parenting is hard but parenting is AWESOME... ;-)

Melissa said...

There are times I think you and I are parenting the same child. Bea is so much like Lil'Gal. Often infuriating, but they keep life interesting!

Anonymous said...

Reading your snippets and tales of life with your Lil'Gal make me very glad to only have boys. I don't do drama. It's much more fun for me to stand over here at a distance and smile at the strong woman she will become someday and be glad that you are her mama. :)

tt said...

you've already taught her well ;)