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Monday, November 30, 2009

Three books later.....Where have I been?

Recently, I rented the DVD to 'Twilight.'  Hubby out of town hog hunting, the kids and I rented a few movies.  Having previously caught the movie on satellite in bits and pieces, and finding it to be more than I had expected I included the Twilight DVD as one of mine.  *sigh*  BIG. MISTAKE.

See, sometimes, when something hits me in just the right way to make just a certain impact, I become.  Obsessed.  Like when the song Love Story by Taylor Swift came out.  Something about that song stuck with me and I carried Macxine with me everywhere so I could continuously play the music video on You Tube.  Drove the Hubby nuts.  [Luckily, he wasn't around to realize just how many times I played it.]

Then, I purchased the CD and did the same in the SUV.  All the time.  Over and over, play a few more songs and then skip back to Track 3.

When this happens, I have learned that I have to immerse myself completely to get break the addiction.  And, just like Love Story, I have been stuck.  Addicted?  No, more like obsessed.

New Moon has been released in the theaters, only to be sold out the first few days.  I ached to see this movie -- to know what happens next.  But, being the smart one (or not?) I decided that for THIS one, I would read the book first.

I headed to Wal-Mart and scooped up a copy of New Moon.  After having been approached by another Mom (and her daughter) I knew that one book would not be enough.  I'd better play it safe and pick up Eclipse while I was at it.  After all, 1200 pages should be enough to cure me -- and, whenever would I find the time to read more than that in a short sitting anyhow?

I finished reading New Moon in the span of 24 hours, and was indeed glad to dive immediately into Eclipse.  I devoured these books so quickly that I realized I'd better have Breaking Dawn as a back up because I was totally committed to reading the entire Twilight Saga.

When I arrived at the book department, there were still several copies of Breaking Dawn available...only, something was uninterpretable.  GASP!  They only copies left were written in Spanish.  ?!?!?!

My heart actually started to race. What will I do?  They had dozens two days ago?  Holy Cr@pville!  I neeeeeeeeeeed it!  I rummaged through the Twilight section several times, then through all the sections attached and nearby.  I found copies of the other books out of place but NO Breaking Dawn.... !?!?!?  I actually had to remind myself to breathe.

>While scurrying through the store for the few items I'd popped in for [#1 being Breaking Dawn] I was sure to scan every end cap for a misplaced copy of said book.  As I headed to check out I felt the magnetic pull to go back to the book section and look just once more.

I did.  Everywhere.  I went through the same set of books again.  I went around the corner.  I went around the other corner.  I went back.  I stepped to and fro among the few other people there looking for a book of their own.  I can only imagine I looked like a meth addict searching for my last hit/dose/fix that had somehow fallen between the books.

And, then I saw it.  In a grocery cart [not belonging to me].  There were three hard-backed copies.  Without hesitation, I swooped and grabbed one.  Luckily, it was in a cart belonging to a sales person.  Otherwise you would have seen one of two things happen:

1) FW begging some person for one of their copies of Breaking Dawn


2) FW fleeing at full speed [with book in hand] from an angry customer. Could you see me in jail, waiting for the Hubby to bail me out for theft and harassment? And, all for the longing of more paranormal romance....

I will not admit here what I was willing to pay for that book but luckily it was more than reasonably priced for a hard cover.

So, is Breaking Dawn all it is set out to be?  YES.  In fact, now that I'm down to page 529 out of a mere 754 pages I'm slowing myself down.  Savoring each word and emotion as I read it.  Because, this is it.  This is all I have left of this saga -- until I read it all again.

I'll be heading out to watch New Moon as soon as life will possibly let me [though, I can't stand the movie theater] only, I'm really secretly holding out for the third of the triquil?  threequil?  Eclipse...'cuz that's when it gets really good and all back to Edward.  [swoon] Dear, Sweet, vampire lovely Edward...

Don't get me wrong.  Jacob is a sweet, cutie too -- all werewolf, and all.  But, it is the passion between Edward and Bella that stole my heart, my mind, and my Thanksgiving weekend.



Melissa said...

Don't forget to download the Twilight and New Moon soundtracks. New Moon, especially, is great!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I LOL with the visual of you stealing the book from another shopper's cart.

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kcinnova said...

*giggling over the thought of you snitching copies from someone else's cart*

I'm glad it was a stocking cart and not a shopper's cart! :)

Dez said...

Even though I am only on book one (I saw the first movie); I can hardly wait to see the new movie!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Twas an early little gift from Santa :)

tt said... you're channeling my daughter!! she's the same about Bella and Edward.....totally OCD about it. Now she's finding other Vampire stories and stays up all hours reading them...