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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I met a GUY....

FIRST:  Facebook has been a total pie-Bleep-hole today.  Constantly unavailable, hardly posting a single comment.  Heaven forbid I try to 'Like' someone's comment.  So don't think FW is bein' all dissy-prissy.  I just can't get anything posted over there.

SECONDLY:  Yeah!  I totally met a guy!  I know, y'all are all "But FW!!!  For Shame!  You are a married woman!  And, we were all under the impression that you were 'happily' in that married state."

Don't get your undies wadded up.  I met a guy, with a GUY for Brandi...  But, it didn't work out. LOL!

I was getting out of my Chariot at the local Wally-World, and I saw this guy loading some stuff in his truck next to me.  He was on his phone and having a conversation with his/Mom/Sister/Girlfriend/Wife about toilet paper and tea or something; oh and bread, WHEAT bread. I think his shopping list was being evaluated.

Anyhow, there was this HUGE big BLACK DOG in the back of the truck (also black, coincidence?).  Just a droolin'a and a'lookin' all friendly and all of that.  He was standing up on the side of the bed at about ten feet in the air.  THEN, I recognized the face...  Mastiff???   I didn't know they came in black....

Apparently, they do.  This dog was "Italian" or something.  The guy wasn't totally sure -- leaving me with the assumption he didn't get his pup directly from a breeder.  But, the dog obviously had a love for (and lotsa' drool for) his owner. :-)  Sooo sweeeet!

So, I mention to the guy, "Hey?  Is that a.....Mastiff?"

The GUY:  "Yeah...Italian?   Oh, I get confused..."

ME:  "He's black!  I didn't think there was a breed in black, but then I don't follow all the breeds."

GUY: [Rubbing extremely large dog with red looking eyes] "Yep."

ME:  "I have an English Mastiff...  [Pause]  She's the BEST dog I've EVER had."

GUY:  "You have a female?"  [insert large smile]

ME:  "Yeah!  We adopted...  Just love her!"

GUY:  "You wanna' breed?" *SNICKER*SNORT*

ME:  [Really wanting to, I've thought about it -- hate that she's fixed...]  Oh, she's fixed.  We adopted her from animal control..."

GUY:  "Oh, that's sad [that someone would give up such a great breed]...."

ME:  "I know...  Otherwise, I'd TOTALLY LOVE TO..."

We exchange courtesies and I give his big dog another loving glance....  Then, I head off to grocery shop while he heads home with his toilet paper, tea, [WHEAT] bread and what not....

I will add.  His Mastiff was probably a year or two younger than Brandi -- and a few pounds, just a hair or two, lighter...  he he he!  My sweet, loveable, full-figured Gal! :-)



Jay said...

Mastiff's are cool dogs. But, all that drool! I just can't take it. haha

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Jay, You are so funny! And, the drool, oh yes. I be the germa-phobe right?

I keep a handi-dandi-wet-wipe/s on hand. And, if you don't have meat around, they drool less. Towels on the lap of the legs are good too.

Brandi has actually gotten much better, or, I've trained myself how to avoid the slobbery drool! LOL!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I love my Mastiff/Lab dog, he does not drool too much....He is so gentle and scared of everything??

Melissa said...

"You wanna breed?" LOL!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

LOL! I walked into the store thinking to myself, "What a conversation to have with a total stranger!" Ha ha!

kcinnova said...

I'm still shaking my head and laughing about you chatting up a stranger about breeding with him (er, his dog). ROTFLMBO

alice said...

Poor Brandi, soooo close! ;-)