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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No one told the TOOTH FAIRY!!!

Since when does it seem indifferent knowledge to the parents that a new/old/baby tooth is loose? Since when does the parent/s find out about 30 minutes before the loose tooth is 'lost' from it's infantile gum bassinet? Apparently, since N-O-W, NOW!

Farmer, Jr., "Hey!  My tooth is really loose!  I think I'm gonna' lose it!"

Me and Hubby, "Yeah?"

Fast forward 45 minutes including a bath.

Farmer, Jr., "HEY!  GUESS WHAT!!  I lost my tooth!"

Me and Hubby, [inside shock, unprepared panic, and mental explicative] "WHAT!?!  [I mean] Whaaaat?  Reeeally?  Since when has it been loose?"

Farmer, Jr. "Oh awhile now..."

Me [and me only, Hubby has ventured on], "Um, Cool.  But, Why didn't you tell me it was loose?"

Farmer, Jr., "Thought it didn't matter until I lost it!  I'm hoping the Tooth Fairy will bring me a Pillow Pet!  I'm going to write my note right NOW!"  [exiting, skipping and overly jubilantly].

Me, "OKAY, but you know.  That's a small tooth. And, Pillow Pets cost...what, $20 - $30 dollars?  I don't think the Tooth Fairy could swing that for one tooth...."

Farmer, Jr. "Oh, but it's not about the money.  The Tooth Fairy doesn't have to buy them.  She already has them.  You just have to ask!"

Me, "  Well, write your note and good luck! We'll see how that works out what she brings in the morning... [insert supportive smile].

Now, off to tuck kids in and then the Tooth Fairy will have to write a heart felt note letting Farmer, Jr. down easily; also, admitting that the Tooth Fairy isn't made of toys or money. But.  That.  He can apply his tooth earnings towards the toy of his choosing.....

BESIDE all that...I just want to ask.  WHEN did the Mama TOOTH FAIRY get bypassed from the pre-loss of the tooth?  The rules have been broken; times ARE'A changing....

Happy, it's just about Hump-Diggity DAY! YAY!



The Queen said...

you have two of them, you should know by now..KIDS MAKE UP THEIR OWN RULES..

Wait until you miss out on the whole "hey Mom.. I'm dating Sarah and I'm gonna buy her a ring, plan a wedding please!"

Then you can complain!

Baseball Mom said...

Kids! lol. So how did the note go over? Hope well.

I am off to google Pillow Pets as I have no clue what Farmer Jr. is talkin 'bout. lol.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Queen, True, but they are always thrilled to share about a loose tooth. Totally caught me by surprise -- in the evening -- with no prep!

BBM, the note went over quite well actually! My friend had caught a couple mini-webkinz on clearance after Easter and had given them to me for Lil'Gal (tooth).

So, I was able to tuck one of those under the pillow along with a buck or two and the note! ;-) Whew!

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

First of all,the tooth fairy brings $1. Period. Little Suzie down the street may get barbies and new dresses and pillow pets, but I have a direct line to the tooth fairy and informed her that I don't want any of that for my kids. (Problem 1 averted)

Second, wait until you get the sad face in the morning because the tooth fairy didn't come. Not to say she has forgotten on occassion, but in this case, big sister was babysitting and forgot to let the tooth fairy know there was a last minute addition to her nights schedule! Throw in an extra buck or two and all is forgiven. :-) Oh yeah, it came with a little note of apology that was a big hit.

Problem 3, when your little darling decides to leave a note for the tooth fairy sans tooth just asking a question that didn't get answered. She didn't let you in on that idea. I told her the tooth fairy doesn't drop by just to answer notes, she's too busy dealing with lost teeth!

I hate wiggly teeth. **shudder** And lost ones even more. EWWWWW! - The Tooth Fairy's helper aka mom

Stuff could always be worse said...

Great for tooth fairies!!

kcinnova said...

I'm with Debbie: the tooth fairy leaves $1.
Around here, the tooth fairy (um, the mama!) often doesn't get TOLD about the tooth. And then the kid wonders why there isn't a dollar for an entire week. (Why no, I do not spend time each night checking teeth.) But the tooth fairy is pretty good about apologizing for the substitute fairy who clearly wasn't up to snuff. Substitutes sometimes don't know everything they should! LOL