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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why I need vacation internet access...


Happy Tuesday, almost Hump [Diggity] Day, almost the last 1/2 day of school before Friday!  Friday is FW favorite day of the week -- which most of y'all know by now.  But, during summer almost every day is like Friday and that makes almost every day FWFD of the weeeeeeeeeeek!

In fact today?  I've been living like it is Friday.  No homework.  Maybe a couple of lunches to pack.  But, no stresses and school functions and fundraisers and yada-yada and so the house is in pretty fabo-clean condition.  Baseboards were dusted earlier this week but I haven't SHARKED the floors yet as I want to leave the place with the full on smell of Pine-Sol when we head out to Float pee in the FRIO!  Sweeeeeeeet!   TOOOOTALLY.... >:-D

But, there is one issue that has plagued me.  No tiene internet access at our cabins.  I'm hoping this is the year.  Last year I stood on the railing at Tech Guy and Bex's cabin and was barely able to balance Macxine on my thigh so that I could use the WiFi signal from the house/mansion beyond the fence and next door to the cabins.  >;-)  Me so Smart!!

I was actually able to check my emails and even catch up with Lis one evening.  Sure, my phone gets out and I can do a little FB and stuff (I didn't FB last year, remember?  It took me awhile to fall prey to the cult).  But, there is nothing as close to me and Macxine skipping through cyber space.

Oh, yeah.  I know.  We are at the river to 'relax' and take a break.  And, I totally do.  I drink a lot of sugar induced (ie: fermented into alcohol) drinks while I'm there.  I sit up high on a warm rock and bake in the sun (with 50 SPF) while the rest of our group hangs out in the chilly waters.  [That's probably why they call it the FRIO... LOL].

But, I have to be connected.  I'm addicted.  I'm a tech fool.  I'm not overboard but I do have a Lap Top that I DO NOT share, a Google Phone, a Kindle (thanks, Honey) and now an iPod.  FYI, I might add that they are all nice and white.  I like white.  Oh, the iPod doesn't come in white but y'all know me.  I found a white case for it so everything matches.  My Chariot is white and Hubby is thinking when he finally replaces his truck (it's been in the shop about three times in the last month and a half or so) he is thinking about getting pure white.  Sweeeeet!  We'll twinkie match!

Oh, but I got side tracked and digressed again. 

The point is, I'm super hoping that the WiFi will have finally been extended to our river cabins this year.  So, that in-between floats and early mornings and beer drinking evenings I can hop on and share what's going on with everyone; oh, and catch up on some more blogs.

Today?  I actually snuck in reads for almost half of the blogs I follow -- and comments too!  Whoo-Hooooo!

IIIIIIf we don't have WiFi extended to our cabins then I'll hitch a ride up with Tech Guy when he goes to check in with his clients and stuff because the little store across the water bridge, up the hill, around the bend, past the dip and wriggled around the path has WiFi and we can access the internet from there.

But, seein as I need vacation internet service...well, my fingers, ankles and others are crossed that they've extended it with a pretty ol'tower to cover our cabins.  Wouldn't that be Sweeeeeeeet?

So, Happy Connected Tuesday To Ya'll!  Summer is here weather wise and school is might near out!  Whoop!  I rocked the third-peat of First Grade!  Repeating Second grade 30 years later was  a little harder but I'm hoping to be more successful  next year.  Only, I'll be majoring in three-peat of Second Grade and Repeat of Third.  OH. MY.

Leave that to August.  For now?  FW is ready to PAAAARTAY!

[Oh great.  Now that Barbie song is in my head.  "I feel connected...blah.blah'ed...."] Plft! :-)

Happy Tuesday!  Wait, No.  Happy EVERYTHING!!!!



Prohomemaker.Com said...

I loved "fall prey to the cult" that is Facebook

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Pro, I need my PEEPS!!!

I do not do well with the disconnect; even if that is the mission of the trip.... :-)

kcinnova said...

I both love and dread the disconnection that is vacation. I miss my Peeps, to be sure, but it is SO relaxing when I finally let go and enjoy the freedom that comes with no internet access.
Maybe you could just bring along pencil and paper and write whenever you feel the need to reach and out and connect? That is what I did last November on a camping trip and I was amazed at the poetry I had inside of me.
Good luck!
Do a little float on the Frio for me (with a Shiner, of course)!!

kcinnova said...

Oh, and wait til the kids get older: the end of school is not free time at all for my teens: they have exams (2 per day) during their last 4 days of classes. Only my 4th grader gets to wind down that last week!

shelley said...

hey hey hey,
can you please pack me in one of your suitcases? i really need a vacation like this! lol... i hope you get internet this summer! have a great time with your kids!
ps i have heard great things about the i-touch... my oldest just broke down and bought herself an i-phone... anyhow enjoy!

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

I am so addicted! I hate it, but can't break away, ha!