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Friday, May 28, 2010


I love stand up. I just love to laugh. I love the feeling my body gets from laughing so hard that I tear up, fall out of a chair and almost tee myself.

YouTube can offer many resources to flip a frown right upside down. Deb mentioned on FB that the time was shalagging along. Hearing the Tick and the Tock of the clock in her head; or maybe her watch was sending it via her pulse she was dragging.

So, I offered comedy. Of course once I fell into YouTube looking for just the right 'bit' I wanted to share, I found TONS and TONS and have been glued to the bar stool since (with exceptions of Mama come see my room, Mama help me with your CD player, FW finish the floors in the Bed Room). :-)

Here's some 'bits' to share:

This one is hilarious but only for the hard core stand up lovers. There IS some vulgarity in it and I don't just mean language (something about a yoga class and a Gal and what she could reach on herself) GASP FW! Really? You'd post that?

Well, not typically but if it gets ya' to the part about where he joined the gym and thought he could box? Yea, I'll make the exception!

Just be sure to have your VOLUME down and/or CHILDREN OUT of the room..... Or, use headphones.  Or better yet, fast forward it to the middle so you get to the non-vulgar, funny part.

[I removed the Rodney Carrington because the boxing bit was hilarious but I decided I didn't want the first part on my blog. So, you can go search it on YouTube if you are really interested] ;-)

Here's a clean Jeff Dunham and Walter skit! Hillarious for a final finally for this post! It's all about MARRIAGE, ROFL!!!!


AND, It's FWFD of the weeeeeeeeeeeek! Super-Squeeeeee!



WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

You're so funny...I LOVE your optimism!! :)

kcinnova said...

Jeff Dunham and Walter = FUNnnnnnnnY!!

I'm going to be insane for the month of June.
Save me a cold Shiner for July 1st, will 'ya?

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

I'm finally getting around to listening to these! Hilarious. Thanks for helping me get through last Friday. It was such a long day!