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Saturday, May 1, 2010

This week's VOCABULARY

So, another fundraiser said and done.  The school bar-b-que did okay.  Our church also had a chicken bar-b-que the week before.  And, our town had a chicken bar-b-que today for ambulance funds.  Needless to say, we've had our fill of bar-b-que'd chicken.

I can't say as much for the rummage sale.  I wouldn't call that one so much of a fundraiser; more like a collection of pocket change.  *sigh*  But, it is done.  And, we now have a few extra nickels and dimes in the PTL account.

So, with that said, let's review FW vocabulary list of the week.  Pay close attention, there might be a pop quiz sometime later this week.  AND, maybe if I find the time and energy a prize will be offered.

FW VOCABULARY, May 1st, 2010:

Pooped -- a slang referring to the feeling of being physically and/or emotionally expended. Could also be another term for the expulsion of trash product within one's bowels.
Whooow-Whee!  I'm pooped!
Gosh'Dang, the dog dun' pooped in the yard again!

Sicka -- The feeling one gets when over exposed to a particular item, food, or activity.
I'm sicka chicken bar-b-que's and fundraisers.

Hertin' -- a condition or action that in one way or another ends up to be a painful situation.
I drank so dang much last night I woke up a'hertin.
If  you don't get in there and clean up your room, I'm gonna' put a hertin' on you!

Domelo -- a term to request something, typically used after one has drank multiple beers and would like one more.
Domelo un beer.  Domelo otra'mas cervesa.

Sumbich -- something that causes aggravation; could also be a term of endearment.
I put all my might into it and I STILL couldn't get that sumbich to move.
I know, he can be hornery but I still love the sumbich.

Como-queno -- What do you mean you can't/do it/finish it/find it/insert other 'to do'.  Can also mean What the F![explicative], typically used under duress and fatigue...and sometimes frustration.
Como-queno you can't fix my stool?
Como-queno? I'm out of wine?!?

Okay, these are easie peasie and I'm hard-pie tarred... That's southern, for Tired.  Taared...  ;-)

Happy Saturday "Oh cr@p it's almost Sunday, already...."  FW least favorite time of the week...



kcinnova said...

Some beach... somewhere... ;)

Baseball Mom said...

Now these are some good Vocab words.

Hopefully your down time will come soon. :) I hear ya on the busy.

alice said...

I have got to remember this vocabulary lesson! I was wondering what everyone was saying!!