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Saturday, October 30, 2010

CRIMINALS beware; the BIG DOG'S in town

Out here where we live there is a certain criminal element that tends to wander along our road from time to time.   They present themselves as 'water testers'.  The idea is that they offer a service to come in and 'test' your water to see if it is healthy or needs improvements (that they are to provide?).  Here is the thing.

It's A SCAM.

Even the Sheriff's Department has explained to us that it is a scam.  Today, they came through the area again.  Every so often a new group comes along some dressing the part, some far from, in hopes of scoping out our homes by testing our water.  Really?  People fall for this?  Apparently, they do.

See what they really want is to get inside your house to kind of scope it out.  Also, if you happened not to be home at their visit they would probably intrude and break in robbing you of your favorite, valuable items.  Sum's-of-Bleaches.

Anyhow yesterday: (new people in a new vehicle; you know they think we aren't on to them if they change it up)...  [RING-RING!]  "Hello?"  SIL, "The water testers are back, they are next door (my baby SIL's) and on their way to your house."

Me, "CR@P!"  And, hubby isn't home.  Not that I can't handle it.  But, still.  It's rude to open the door with a pistol in hand, though I do it as I deem necessary.  Still, you never know to what extent these people will go...or, if they might think a mom at home with young children vulnerable enough to mess with.  Though, their racket is 'get in, scope the place, get out and come back to break in later'.

Seeing their van at my baby-SIL's and knowing the dogs are out in the back -- Biggun' free roaming. Meaning un-tied because she only wanders around the house, unlike the wild-one who loves to take off on a wild running spree chasing grasshoppers and critters through the pasture and fields -- I get an idea.

Lickity-split, I run out the back, grab the leash, holler for Biggun' to come and have her leashed and in the house as the predators approach the door.  I open the door greeting they guy (I find out later that my BIL saw three others hiding inside the van) with a 160+ pound dog.  And, she don't look friendly.  And, she wants to get to that guy.

"Hi, I'm here with the -- WHOA!  That's a BIG DOG!"

Me, "Yes, and she doesn't take well to company." [Me holding back a 160+ pound dog about to drag me out of the house after this guy.]

Standing a few yards back he tries his ploy, "I'm with a water testing company", I cut him off.  "I'm not interested, my husband handles that."

Him, "Is that a St. Bernard?"  Me, "No, she's a Mastiff and as you can see she doesn't like company."  Biggun' is continuing to about pull me out of the house and she's looking quite fearsome at this stranger.

The best part of this, beside the fact that my dog probably outweighed this guy, is that now those 'bad guys' believe that she is a full-time, inside dog.  So, even if we aren't home -- I doubt they'd chance to break in never knowing from where her huge size and mouth might attack.

[We keep the gate locked of course, too.  And, MIL and FIL, and the SILs all keep watch on each other's houses.]

While she is a gentle giant, I have seen her agitated.  Should that guy have approached me in a violent manner I have no doubt she would eat him.  He had no doubt, either.  I love that dog.  Best dog I've ever adopted.  And, I'm saving my pennies and dimes because on day far, far, years from now when it is her time to leave us -- I will bring a new Mastiff into our home -- kids at college by then, it might even become a full time inside dog -- Hubby's allergies or not, LOL!!



Krishna said...

that's pretty damn funny, i must say. why don't you tell them the truth? tell them that you know that they are a scam and everyone in the area is watching out for them. and tell them next time they step foot on your property, not only will the mastiff be there to greet them but the pit bull in the bedroom will join her.. ....

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

I hate those "salesmen". I love the idea of you answering the door with a gun. LOL!

The PWT said...

LOL You know Mom answered the door with a gun pretty often. It kept the 'salesmen' and 'preachers' to a minimum!

Dad was always more subtle and took the same 'dog' approach. Though Toots was just a big lab who would beat a stranger to death with her tail... she had a fierce barking introduction for anyone on the other side of the door. I think she scared them worse than Mom and her gun!

Happy Halloween!

Melissa said...

I'm suspicious of anyone who comes to my door. Forget the dogs (or cats, in my case) *I* don't take well to people I don't know. LOL!

Delaney said...

That sounds like a humdinger of a dog that definitely came in handy.

Anonymous said...

Smart way to handle it. Of course, you could have someone call the Sheriff when those guys are in your neighborhood. Sure would be fun to have you holding back the Mastiff, the guy at the door standing scared, and the Sheriff pulling up next to their van...

tt said...

LMAO!!! love it!
I know that sweet dog would rather lick someone's face off but he didn't know