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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Double Rainbow rises and falls over my castle!

So, after a slow trickle of rain over the day; enough to keep the Hubby home and out of the field so we could spend some actual time with him, we walk out to find not one Rainbow but TWO! Arching over my castle.

I took some pics with the big camera but only after I did the video first. Sometimes rainbows can be so fleeting, so I grabbed the first photo recordable unit I could reach! I'll put the pics on the LT tomorrow and see if I can enhance the second, weaker, rainbow out without losing the quality.

But, I had to share because this isn't so random and even at that, how often do two rainbows arch and bow over one's home, one's castle? SWEEEEEEEET. Totally. :-D

Excuse the yelling but I was talking to the family and kids! :-P Oh, and the finger was clearing the fog off the lens. Indoor a/c vs. outdoor totally warm and humidity causes that... I didn't have time for the camera to 'aclimate'. LOL!

HOW blessed am I? [Prayers of thanks tonight for a wonderful, awesome, family filled day.]



Cinette said...

Gorgeous rainbow! So it's been a little wet out your way too, eh? We were lucky to get our crops planted in time; others weren't so lucky.

Melissa said...

Oh, how cool!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

It was so super cool! I haven't loaded the pics from my camera yet to see if they show the second one better.

And, yes, we got a little rain; a drink for the cotton. Grain is about out of the field. ;-)