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Monday, June 20, 2011

Lil'Gal singing 'my side' with her acoustic guitar

My Lil'Gal, my star. She actually let me video her again! (Side note the lyrics changed for the camera; they were a wee cooler the first two rounds but I think she was trying to impress).  The 'you said you went to the moon and you lied' was word-for-word. :-P

My future country music star and pop-cross over!

In reviewing this, I get the feeling this song is about and to her brother... :-P The whole 'just cuz' you can play a guitar (he was giving her cord lessons yesterday; though, I doubt he'd lie about going to the moon. I'm thinking he lied about something 'else' he was allowed to do that she isn't.) Kids.



Knight said...

She is such a gorgeous kid. That's hilarious if it's about her brother. "I said, No NO no I'm not telling you, my side, not this time." It's actually pretty catchy.

Melissa said...

"I can't believe you lied in front of me . . ."

This tickled me! Seriously, though, she's got the foundation of a really good song there!

Debi said...

Absolutely the hugest smile I've had on my face all day! I really do believe she's got the makings of an awesome songwriter in her!