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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday's Summer Sunshiny Day List to Do :-)

What's on the agenda today, Farmer*sWife?

Why, not too much; after a few things I'm going to claim this day as a 'do-nuthin' or only what I feel like' day. (Those are awesome days). :-D


  • skip church Attend church with Hubby and the family because Hubby will be in the field for the next couple of weeks with little or no break. 24x7 or as he says, 'Balls to the wall' busy.

  • Breakfast with the family and church crew at our local Mexican taqueria. (YUM!)

  • Sort the socks (blech)

  • Read on the treadmill: Still reading A Map Across Time, started One for the Money (Hilarious), begin my next book for review, begin a Smutty book for the week as soon as I finish the Map book >;-D he he he

  • Write book review on 'Amber Frost'

  • Catch up on blogs and WWF and FB (okay, I'm always caught up on FB)

  • Maybe, maybe write an article for Triond; I've fallen off the wagon over there

  • Read the current Beta version of TURNING POINT, while sitting at the barn with my feet resting on my 160 pound 'puppy' and an glass of ice cold tea or wine, depending on the time of afternoon

  • Enjoy the moment...

That's it. That is my Sunday Summer Sunshiny Day List!


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