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Sunday, June 19, 2011

GREEN LANTERN: a Mom's review

Let me start with wishing all the Daddys out there a wonderful Father's Day. Thanks to some greener grain, Hubby was able to attend church with us this morning and join the MIL and FIL and church crew at breakfast. Then, at his request and seconded by the kids, he wanted to see 'Green Lantern' which has just opened this weekend.

I don't think I've ever written a blog review of a movie other than expressing my obstinate love for the Twilight Movie Saga. I will add 'A Walk to Remember' as another good, unrelentingly loved movie, for those who (*gasp*) have lacking admiration for Twilight and its succeeding movies. [FYI, A Walk to Remember is a must see movie if you believe in true, unrelenting love. I'll just say, Shane West.]


First off. I've seen one or two other 3D movies in the theater in the last three years. I'd say two, to be exact. The last one I recall is Tangled, which was adorably funny. However, the 3D affects of Green Lantern gave me quite an issue with my vision. It was uncomfortable and caused me to focus and refocus. I tried to watch without the 3D glasses but then, most things were blurred or double visioned (because they were designed for 3D vision). My assessment is that the 3D used in today's technology does not mimic IRL visual three dimension.

Once the movie progressed into more of the earth/human related daily life I found more comfort. But, all of the alien/space/horrible evil bad guy scenes reinstated my visual difficulties.

Within 30 minutes after leaving the movie, I found myself with a pounding headache and my eyes felt like I had been over-focusing all day. They felt extremely strained, which apparently they must have been after the length of Green Lantern. If you have eye issues you might reconsider 3D.

Secondly, I didn't pay much attention to the parental guidance rating because I'd seen a scene or two in the commercials which demonstrated that the move was quite entertaining and light hearted as other 'super-hero' movies we have viewed as a family together. My children have watched Iron Man with my husband and I, and Transformers as well. Lil'Gal has loved 'Hercules' for several years (even when I found the whole evil vs. the gods war toward the end quite deeply scary myself).

The way this movie started out, even I found a bit intense (blame me for not researching in advance). The concept is that there is this one bad guy (originally from the board of eternal rulers) who had been banned because, well, he went bad. You know, the power trip kind of bad. He fed on fear. So, not knowing where this movie is, the first 20 minutes is this bad guy sucking the fear out of people, excuse me, species and leaving them as empty dried carcasses of themselves. Ahem. Insert my Lil'Gal covering her eyes and/or hiding under my arm. >:-{ Not liking.

At the point where I expressed to my husband that this is "NOT what we thought" and that we were considering entering another movie (I was thinking that penguin movie with Jim Carey, which Lil'Gal also wants to see), Lil'Gal says to me, "I thought there were going to be real people in this." Me too. Suddenly, enters Ryan Reynolds and real people. Phew. The movie did get much better from there. But the evil bad guy parts were still a little overwhelming for my eight-year-old who can understand and tolerate Twilight. *GASP* yes. She's finally seen even the violent scenes but with my play-by-play explanation.

A plus, and earning a BIG STAR is Ryan Reynolds, whom I find adorable in more than one way. His little girly friend, all smart, jet flying and feisty was an equal plus for the male genre of watchers.

I have to say this picture in Neeeeoooow way does justice to how well his 'energy skin' fit his tightly built.........everything.

And, the whole internal struggle he deals with while finding himself as this new super hero is well written and well understood by both my children.

I have to say his 'earth' nemesis (who is an innocent, unappreciated or valued but super intelligent professor of science, that Hall/Green Lantern Human grew up with) was quite annoying in all of his severe, ear piercing screams during his multiple transitions from an infection caused by I can't say how or where because it is a spoiler alert.

Another BIG star is earned because my Hubby grew up with Green Lantern (which I did too, but he followed the original more closely) and expressed that they really did a very good job at staying true to the story. We went on to discuss the
*tiny SPOILER ALERT* yellow ring that came about and the fact that it left the story open for a sequel. Hubby shares a short tid bit about said earth nemesis (aha, we thought he was gone) and how it might all play out.

So, if they have a sequel and Ryan Reynolds is in his green energy skin, then I have to give this one more BIG star. Over all, I like the movie. Farmer, Jr. loved it. He too, though, in all honesty finally expressed that the big, black, turmoiling, multi-snaking like, yellow fear sucking, evil guy was scary.


Movie true to story: STAR
Scary guy believable: star (dislike though)
Ryan Reynolds in green energy suit: **SUPER-STAR**
Moral values teaching courage and self belief: STAR
Social acceptance of all species: STAR
Child friendly (under 10): MINUS star and thumbs down

As an adult, I'd give it 4 stars. As a parent taking children to see a super-cool, super-hero movie? I give it 3-stars as it could have been slightly more kid friendly. (ie: please don't inflict nightmares from the stupid, evil, fear-life sucking guy).

One last note, put this in a green, energy skin. In other words, he's like this but painted green. Oh, and no shorts.

>;-D he he he....  Ooooh, yeah. FW did enjoy the movie.  Thank you Hubby and Happy Father's Day!!



Knight said...

You are hilarious. Maybe you should get hubby some green paint for father's day.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Knight, Ha Ha! I could, but I don't think it would look quite the same as Hubby has a slightly different physique. :-P