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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Best Dog Ever

Mug Shot ;-)
Most of y'all know I'm a pet lover and animal lover and lover of nature. I've visited Killdeers' nests and documented their family on my blog along with saving a finch here and there a couple of humming birds who accidentally concussioned their head due to my shiny windows. [Grackles are the exception; total dislike.]

I followed the baby dove that got blown out of the tree during a big storm last year, I even have pics I never posted. It was amazing how the mom and dad kept feeding the baby who fell from the nest and moved her from here to there as she grew and the sun's heat got more intense. The kids witnessed this; what a wonderful lesson of nature.

Along with that there have been the stray baby jack rabbits, frogs and toads, a snake or two and we have video'd and witnessed multiple red wasps stinging extremely large spiders to drag to their dens. [At which point, I spray said 'den' with wasp and bug killer spray. My house is 'NOT' flying-stinging critter friendly.]

As a family we have a fish, formerly a beautiful 3-inch Luber grasshopper, a guinea pig, and two dogs: the escape artist, a stray, who adopted us several years ago (literally). And, the 'BIGGUN'whom we adopted after the loss of our 13 year old weimer, BLUE - named for his color.

All of this brings me to our wonderful dog, our Brandi, the perfect [very large breed] dog.

You must be touching or petting her or you get the paw.

When we adopted her she seemed under fed for her breed. Though the story told, she had come through the pet center twice. They had to heartworm her the first time and the previous family to adopt her had to bring her back -- I think the husband was military and got transferred unexpectedly. He had two small children who loved to ride on Brandi's back as if she were a cow or small horse. The staff story went on to say the Dad of the family actually had tears in his eyes upon returning her. :-(

I saw her on the weekly 'pet-of-the-week' segment on our local noon news channel. I swear she looked into the camera and directly into my eyes. I immediately called the pet placement center and Hubby directly after, "I think we found our new dog."

Picked up the kids from school and, homework be d@mned, we went to meet her as a family. She LOVED the kids and we could tell how displaced she felt. In the 'visiting area and dog run' she would follow the kids and never leave our sides. She was a sure sell. The tech who helped us with her had spent time with her at her former 'incarceration'. She was so thrilled for such a great family for 'Brandi' that I think she skipped a few hoops and requirements so she could be sure we got to take her home that afternoon. [Did you know you have to apply and have referenced to adopt a dog? Yep.]

Brandi was 103 when we adopted her (at 4 years old; a full grown female of her breed is typically around 150). Now she's a full figured gal at 160 pounds. [I will merit, that she needs to lose about 10 pounds; we're working on it.]

A typical full bread, English Mastiff pup, will run you around $700.00 - $1000.00. GASP! We adopted her for a menial $60.00.

Brandi is the most loyal, most loving, most generous and tolerant and understanding dog. Her breed was built to rest at the feet of kings. [She's also good at intimidating strangers due to her size.] :-D

Kids love her! She loves kids!

And, out of all my dogs, she is the bestest, most wonderful, most loyal, most kind natured, [shhhh, don't tell] favorite dog ever. Ever, ever, ever. Which is why you continually see pictures of her posted on FB and conversations about her. :-P



Melissa said...

Aw . . . so sweet! Truly dogs aren't dogs, but members of the family. :-D

Michèle Hastings said...

what a nice story! my daughter works the animal rescue league and the ASPCA... we LOVE animals too. i only have cats right now but i often miss my old dog Misty.

Debi said...

Oh my goodness, this here animal lover is all sappy with tears now! On top of all those wonderful qualities that really count, she's beautiful, too!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Pets bring out the best in us. They arefamily. And, my Brandi is my [very large] baby. ;-)

The 'escape artist' is a loving, silly nut who loves to chase anything. ;-P

The guinea pig and I? We have conversations, really!