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Friday, July 22, 2011


So, Monday was the first day of school for us. As you can see in the pic to the left, Farmer, Jr. was LESS than thrilled (you totally gotta' click it for a larger view). Lil'Gal only frowned because as she said, "Ugggh, a pictuuuure?" :-P

I expressed that yes, I had to get at least one. I actually had to take three because it was very trying to get FJ to smile.

It was also very early.

See?  -------------------------->

There's a better pic. Two beautiful children smiling for their back to school picture.

I must say that this year comes with A LOT of changes. First off, we start back earlier because we are now in year-round school. Which has its benefits. Hubby is tied up most of the summer getting the crop out of the field.

With year round school we can better plan trips and visits to friends and family during inner-sessions. Inner-sessions give us a week off after every six weeks. This is great! Great for the kids to take a mental break and for me as well!

Second, our new ISD is HUGE compared to our little private school which had typically consisted of about 35 children from Pre-K to 4th grade. Farmer, Jr.'s campus has 560 students while Lil'Gal's campus has - are you ready for this - 1,100. HOLEY-SMOKES Batman!! Upon realizing this I had a slight panic thinking that my Lil'Gal with her blond hair was going to be a needle in a haystack. But, we have friends who have children on both campuses and they have adapted well so I know eventually (fingers crossed) that mine will too.

Third, school starts earlier than our old school. Which 30 minutes isn't so bad, except that the kids are at separate campuses this year: Lil'Gal is at Primary (Kinder - Third) and Farmer, Jr. is at the Intermediate (4th, 5th, and Pre-K/Headstart). The schools are within minutes of each other but there is another issue.

Drop offs and parking, due to the TONS of children and parents and vehicles crowding the Primary in the mornings and afternoons. If I'm five minutes late it'll take me 30 minutes to drop off the kids. I have to drop FJ extra early, as soon as the doors open to the school (though, he's not the only one), so that I can beat the majority of the masses to Primary where I do walk Lil'Gal in. In the afternoon, I have to get there 30 minutes before school lets out or else it will put me late picking up FJ. This is actually kind of nice though; I sit and read or play on the internet, FB, etc. :-D

Today being the last day of the first week, I'm feeling quite optimistic over all. Though, Lil'Gal had a little trouble (she burst out crying the first night at bed time after having told me all day that she had a great time - she said she had just said that to make ME happy.) :-/

But, we got her settled in the next day with new enthusiasm and discovered one of the girls in her class has been my CCD student off and on through the years and attends our church. This was a big plus; and then there is the other little girl that has joined their little group. I showed up at lunch to surprise Lil'Gal and see how she was adjusting. You can't imagine the relief in my heart when she came in chatting with said girls and a smile on her face before she even saw me. My stomach unclenched and I knew things would be okay.

Farmer, Jr is still 'working' on making friends. He seems pleased and adjusting well, other than being so tired in the mornings - and, the fact that he *dislikes* school - period. They stay so busy that the day doesn't allow much for chit chat. But, he said he was teamed up with one boy in one of his classes (they swap between two teachers) and he was nice and they seemed to be hitting it off.

The awesome part is that:

A) so far little homework so the kids get to take a break when we get home.
B) we get out of school 45 minutes earlier than last year; kind of making up for the early morning.
C) extracurricular activities!

Our new schedule and venue allows us to participate in some fun stuff. For now I have FJ signed up for guitar lessons on Wednesdays. (FYI, Wednesdays are early release days; the kids get out 30 minutes early so that the campus staff can have a weekly planning/meeting.) After his guitar lessons Lil'Gal will have dance class.

We attended a mini-session yesterday afternoon and she and Diva LUUUUVED it. So, we will be signing them up for the full course when it begins next month. Below is a video of their first session together. OMG, they are adorable and had a blast! I've already downloaded a couple of the songs they started working routines to so they can practice together. :-D

Having the extracurricular all on the same day is so wonderful. Keeps the rest of the week free'd up. And, of course, in the fall we will have 4-H, working on sewing entries, baking entries, shop projects and of course raising BUNNIES. ;-)

Over all we are doing really great! I am at peace; I don't come home with that lump in my throat having to nag already-tired-of-school-work children to do more and study more. Of course, this is the first week. And, I know there will be homework and AR reading, and tests to study for. I just feel it is going to be less intense.

We do miss the family atmosphere of our old school and I have to say that the teachers instilled my children with a fantastic foundation, educationally, behaviorally and in their faith. But, we grow and things have to change.

That's the Back-to-School update for 2011-2012~ Oh, and you know it is my birthday today, right? So, we'll be celebrating me this afternoon and evening! Happy Friday!



Melissa said...

I keep thinking a year-round schedule sounds nice, but I can't imagine already being back in school. Of course, we haven't even been out a month yet.

Could your kids ride the bus to alleviate the drop-off/pick-up issues? Of course, that might mean they have to get up even earlier.

Cute pictures! I totally giggled at the first one. ;-)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Lis, actually we are out of district which is why we had to apply for transfer. There is no bus that will come to Farmville.

Some good friends kids take the bus and I actually fly by them while they wait on the porch for the bus as I have two campuses to hit at the same time (the Mom teaches at the High School so the bus works better for them). I've thought that once my schedule is 'in stone' I might say, "Hey, let me drop the younger one off with FJ because they are in the same grade/campus.'


Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I just have to hold off because I'm dealing with the PRIMARY campus too which as you know is a B!tch!

Michèle Hastings said...

change is always hard... typically the kids adjust more quickly than the parents!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

BUNNNNNNNNIES! yes gal, you have told us about all the goldarned homework over the years, sheesh! Sounds like this is all pretty wonderful :) (except for kids who want summer vacation!)

Knight said...

I hope your birthday was all kinds of amazing!
FJ's face in that first picture is priceless.
You just gave me flashbacks of moving to a new school and hiding out in the bathrooms to avoid the embarassment. Horrible while it lasted but it passes and you've got a social one on your hands so she will be just fine.