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Monday, July 18, 2011

Turning 39; preparing for the big 4-0!


Well, in 370 days, please.

As many of y'all know I have a birthday coming up. Friday to be exact. [For those of you who thought it was July 1st due to my FB profile, sorry. That was a mishap, but I usually use a fake birthday on all social networking sites...phishing and all.]

Friday, I plan to do what I usually like to do for my birthday. Have friends over, make a great meal, enjoy some spirits and good conversation. This year will not be much different OTHER THAN I'll be preparing for my 40th next year.

Me and turning 40 = a BIG @$$ party. Because, you have to embrace it - right? (After all, there ain't no fightin' it.)

I've already begun preparing for my 40th. I've pretty much picked a date to celebrate next year that will allow my friends, family and best-ies from the farming community to attend before hopping on combines and tractors for the crop.

My friend Les and I will celebrate together. (She'll be 40 in March, but we've shared a lot of life's milestones: dating, marriage, pregnancy and kids; so why not celebrate this one together too?)     :-)

Other ways I'm preparing:
  • I've begun taking a multi-vitamin daily.
  • I've begun taking a calcium supplement to go with.
  • I've started a better skin regime (hope it isn't too late to undo some damage done, and slow the rest).
  • I've been exercising, but getting more regular about it now that summer has come to an end (school wise).
  • I'm implementing a brunch and dinner diet; because my body really doesn't require three full meals a day and I can see that as well as feel it, inside and out.
  • I'm working out a new weekly schedule for myself as well as the kids and extracurricular fun for them, which I hope to implement next week (this week is a buy as I'm just trying to conquer two kids on two different school campuses amongst the masses).
  • I have a hair appointment on Thursday, and I'm contemplating a new do. Not just a touch-up. As in a cut. I wish I could wear something more wash and wear but because of my short chin and flat head profile I just don't wear it well. In fact, I don't wear my hair well period. I try but as I've aged it has gotten fine, and flat and just. Well, blah. We'll see how this goes. Typically, when I go shorter I love it for two weeks and then hate it for ten months, LOL!

My prospective schedule will help incorporate some goals I would like to accomplish before I turn 40. I hope to be more successful than I have been the past seven months since my New Year's post. [Link left out intentionally, LOL.]

Life is about to get a whole lot busier. Next week will be the full-on beginning of that. Guitar lessons, dance lessons, 4-H, maybe some girl-scouts in there, homework, CCD lesson plans and class, strict bedtimes and the like. But, I'm ready (I think) so bring it on. [But not until after my birthday this Friday.] :-D

Tomorrow's post will be about the first day of school. I'm holding out to see how it actually goes for the kids today; and how the rest of the day plays out. Also, I'll have a pic of my little darlings. The only one they'd let me take. At the house. :-/


1 comment:

Melissa said...

Oh, yay! Birthday goals and resolutions . . . nice!! I'm not turning an exciting number this year, but next year I'll be the big 3-5. WHAT?! (when did THAT happen?)

And I was totally wondering about the back-to-school post and picture. Glad to hear it's coming. :-D