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Thursday, July 7, 2011

WINNER: 'Amber Frost' YA e-book!

SORRY! As y'all know I've been out of the state, and had internet issues, AND family and my lifelong BFF in town upon returning home so life around the farm has been non-stop busy! But, a great kind of busy.

We had two, only two I'm disappointed to say, actual entries on this giveaway - although, it got lots of visits which is a good thing for the book, readers, and the author. ;-) As always, thanks for following me and reading me and all that. I love books and I love to share books and Michelle at ireadiwrite has been generous with allowing me to read books for review AND share those books with all of y'all!

So, without further ado (spinning paper entries, with my eyes closed) the winner is.....

"LAURA! The Zealous Reader!" Super YAY! Laura, I'll be in contact shortly and I'll need your email address and what format you would like for your e-book copy of 'Amber Frost'. It will be delivered via email from Michelle with ireadiwrite.

FYI, if you want to read my review of Amber Frost click here. :-D

Thanks as always for participating, and of course always reading me and, for those comments! I'm off to work on my 'next' review of "The Map Across Time", an in-print book by C.S. Lakin (second in the series). AND, you can win a copy of this book as well thanks to Shelby Sledge with phenix & phenix literary publicists. YAY!


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