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Monday, January 9, 2012

Spousal Debate: Angelina Vs. Jen

I want your take. Men and women. Star lovers, haters and those who really don't keep up but have a thought to share anyhow.


This conversation/debat has come up between the Hubster and I like three times over the past few months. Typically, I'm finishing dinner, he and the kids are prepping the table and we are catching part of 'Entertainment Tonight'. [And, yes, we do turn the TV off during dinner most nights. But Monday nights are Mama's TV night. Hubby gets Tuesday but he watches in the bedroom  and the rest of the week plays according to the kids schedules and homework and visiting and playing and reading.]

Except Big Bang Theory on Thursdays - we all watch that. Anyhow, I've digressed - so like me. Back to the GREAT DEBATE.

In the past he and I have debated the awesome wicked sexy, pretty, coolness between Jennifer Aniston (my fave) and Angelina Jolie (his pick). He has agreed the 'overall' Jen is the more well rounded, normal, beautiful pick but that Angelina is sexier. !!VV##%$%$!! [That's me not cursing while thinking is he out of his F!ck$ng Mind?]

SO, I'm going to lay out tonights conversation after seeing some blurb about Brad that of course required the name Angelina to come up to which the Hubster once again commented, "She's beautiful (or) she's the sexiest woman." *GAG*

Me, "Um. NO. She's not."

Him, "Yeah, she IS. Those lips and she has a great figure... and since she and Brad have had kids she's not so weird anymore. I saw her in an interview the other day and she was... not so weird." In my mind I'm thinking adopted kids yes, (which is awesome) but just recently had a kid. I don't know if he is aware of that - even though that has nothing to do with this conversation and I am thrilled that there are six children with a loving family.

Me, "She has nice lips except they are disproportional to her face. I mean I love a nice pair of full lips but on her? No. And, she's not sexy. Jennifer Anniston is WAY sexy over Angelina. And, Angelina is still...(searching for a more defining word) weird. Physically weird... and socially odd."

Him, "Oh, yeah. Jennifer is beautiful but in a different way. She's like (I can't recall his exact words but it was like good girl sexy or something the made my mind think that way) **beautiful, but...Angelina"

Me, "If I had to choose I'd totally be Jennifer Aniston. She's in her early 40s and she looks fantastic, is comfortable in her own skin and just so well put together. Besides, I never liked Angelina. Even before the whole Brad-Jen-Angelina thing. She's just. Not believable."

Me adding, "Like that movie Salt? Will never watch it. No desire."

Him, "It's a good movie."

Me, "Blech." [Thinking, you just watched it cuz 'Joli' was in it.]

Him, "It's like that movie with so and so and Gina Davis? Where she was a bad @$$ hit man and then wanted to turn her life around so she went and (blah, blah, blah), like that."

Me, "I remember that movie. It was good. But, that was Gina Davis."

Him, "I still think she's sexy [ier than Jennifer]."

Me, she's so. NOT."


What is your take? Brad-Joli-Jen love triangle (she's a bitch) aside - and Brad out of the picture - what is your take. WHO do you think is physically sexier/hotter and second who do you think is overall the sexiest and hottest. I'm an inquiring mind and I want to BFF people who agree with meto know.

Oh, it just hit me. What brought the whole topic of discussion up was the fact that Brad Pitt is up against George Clooney for sexiest man. REALLY? Really REALLY? Isn't that a given? And, no. I'm not Team Brad. Poor Brad. 'Joli' totally kicked down his cool factor. Just sayin'. The last time I thought Brad Pitt was hawt was in Legends of the Fall. That was the first and only time. And that was ages ago. Sure, he's still cool. And, an great actor. But... if I was going to take that up with the Hubster on the next Great Debate I'd be Team George. 'Cuz George was all ER and Oceans 11 and that movie with Jennifer Lopez and he's so recluse and wears his grey so well. He's so... GEORGE.

I'm looking forward to your comments. :-D



Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm going with your husband on this one. I think Angelina is beautiful. (and btw, 3 of those kids are their biological ones). See siding with the hubs.

Pitt vs Clooney? Pitt all the way. I really don't see what people see in Clooney. He does nothing for me.

Now Shemar Moore. Yum-o-licious

I'm With Stupid said...

I've never cared for Angelina much. She's beautiful, but I don't like her personality.

Jennifer, on other hand, has always seemed like a much nicer person with a way better sense of humor. Plus, Aniston is every bit as gorgeous as Jolie.

Also, Clooney > Pitt

But, Matt Damon is more awesome than both Clooney and Pitt.


Melissa said...

Two very different people - Angelina and Jen. I think Jen is more girl-next-door sexy while (sorry, but I have to agree with Hubs) Angelina's got the sexy-mystique vibe going on. And don't poo-poo her, Gal, 'cause Angelina's does a lot of humanitarian work and seems to be more in touch with reality than a lot of stars (hello, whole Beyonce baby drama!!).

Pitt vs Clooney? I'm for Pitt. Clooney's handsome, but he just doesn't do it for me.

PS - One of my fave Angelina movies is Girl Interrupted. She was FABULOUS in it.

Knight said...

Aniston is a better actress and all around more relateable to the general public. She is a beautiful woman but in a very bland American way. Without the Brad drama I don't think people would still be talking about her as much.

Jolie is freakin hot and unusual. That is her appeal. That is why she has my vote. Her strange features are perfectly off in a way that is appealing. There is such beauty in that.

I don't care about Brad or George. They are both boring in my book.

Caroline said...

This post cracked me up! We are strongly an Angie household. There's sexy and there's beautiful. Jen's got that all-American thing going, but Angie is everything sexy. (Sorry) Clooney all the way - hands down.