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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WEDNESDAY! Taking on the world!


Happy Hump-Day! And, yes - I have a few minutes to blog on this fine middle of the week morning. If I would have gotten out of bed about ten minutes earlier I would have been even more ahead of the game but hey, 4:45 is pretty good - right?

So, I totally tackled Tuesday. The first day back after a three-plus week off from the school and extracurricular schedule. Yesterday was Farmer, Jrs 10th birthday. 10. TEN. Wowzers. That time totally flew by, LOL! I want to do a post dedicated to him but I have to load the pics from a disc of when he was so teeny and adorable. (He's still adorable, just not teen.y anymore. The boy is less than twelve inches from looking down on me.)

And, seeing as how I didn't have time yesterday to pull the disc out and how I waisted those extra ten minutes in the bed this morning [yes, waisted. The snore factor was in effect so it was dumb for me to even lay there] I don't have time to get that one up.

But, I wanted to pop in because I'm making an effort to blog more. :-) I know how much y'all miss me when I'm away.

Anyhow. Lots on the agenda in addition to the regular. Errands today, and then time to pack up Christmas before the kids get out of school. Tomorrow I'll be decorating Farmer, Jr's cake for his laser tag little birthday celebration on Saturday. [I'll post pics; hope it comes out like I've envisioned.] And, I have to work on the notebook with photos and procedure, etc. for Farmer, Jr's shop project and my CCD lesson.

But it is Hump-Day! YAY!

Make it a good one! And, remember to smile at someone!



Judy No Name said...

Leaving you a smile.

Dez said...

Errands was fun today! But then, I always have fun with you! Hope FJ and LG loved their gifts! See ya later. <3

Melissa said...

A laser tag birthday? How fun!