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Monday, January 9, 2012

Y'all ready for THIS!? [Pumpin' my Monday]

I woke up this morning and as I removed myself from the bed the Hubster asked, 'Que hora es?" To which I replied, "Too early for you to worry about." It was 4:30. He wasn't snoring so bad although he did have a bout around 3:50 a.m.

I was just ready to get up (sleepy yes, but mentally alert as well) and tackle this Monday. This week in fact. There is so much on my list of things to be done in addition to the things I'm behind on (how? I don't know) that I was just ready to get on with it. And, after having woken up every morning last week at 4:30 a.m. I've found that I appreciate that extra down time where I can mingle through my morning without checking the time to ensure I'm on schedule. It is just nice - the time to myself. And, for whatever reason the 4:30 hasn't been so hard to get out of bed - maybe 5:am is back into my deep sleep cycle. I don't know.

Anyhow, today is super booked even though there are only two actual appointments on the calendar. I have tons of errands and a mountain of laundry to fold and hang (I'm sure I'll hear three voices in about 20 minutes asking 'Where is my XXXX?' LOL).

Next week is the livestock show. I'm excited about it but there is still lots to do in preparation. And, we've had some bunny issues. First one little bunny whom I've nick named 'Humper' hit puberty WAAAAAY too early. They aren't supposed to hit that stage for like another month. But, he developed early and so I had to isolate him to his own cage about four days ago. So, last night 'Hopper' (he's been named that since the beginning because this bunny is very difficult to handle and he hops all over the cage) started the same behavior. Harassing the other bunnies in his cage. Thus, I put him with Humper. This didn't work out as I thought it would. Because Humper, having been isolated was very excited to have another bunny and he could care less if said bunny was a boy or girl. It was probably due to the fact that Hopper had the scent of the ladies all over him. But, either way - our rabbit chair said best to separate those two as well because two  'horny' boys can get quite aggressive. *sigh* I'm out of kennels.

The other bunnies are doing quite well. But, we have three that need to put more weight on so I'll add bunny dessert to the list of things to pick up.

My house is a mess. At least by my standards. My floors need a good mop over. so much that I dreamed about it last night and when I woke I had the urge to see if there really was dried milk on the floor. And, my kitchen counter tops are a mess of papers, notebooks, 4-H stuff, and baking supplies. [I plan to practice FJ's upside down pear cake with a new idea before he makes his official entry next week.] The clutter drives me (and the Hubster) nuts.

If I can get back home from library duty and the feed store and Wal-mart for materials for Farmer, Jrs shop project notebook - and if I can get the laundry tackled before time to pick up the kids then maybe I can make a quick sweep/steam around the core of the house.

Oh, and girl scout cookies. Thursday we have our meeting and launch and starting the 15th we will be officially in full swing of girl scout cookies. If you want some, let me know. I'll deliver to the local peeps and I'll even ship to those out of town if you want several boxes. Just hit me a comment or an email or a FB post. :-D

Well, my spare time is up and it is time to wake the rest of the family.

HAPPY MONDAY! I'll leave you with this to pump up your morning since it's been playing in the back of my mind pumping up mine. :-)


1 comment:

Melissa said...

Your bunny story cracked me up! Doesn't it seem like horny bunnies should be the least of your problems, only the reality is I imagine it's cause for a grand headache.

Have a great one!