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Friday, January 13, 2012



As some of y'all already know via my pre-announcement Facebook post - IT IS COOKIE TIME!

This is Lil'Gals first year in Girl Scouts. She wanted to join before but I didn't want to start in a troop knowing that we would eventually have to make the district change from our little private school (in B town) all the way to our BIG school/s the same distance the complete other direction. So we waited.

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! She is Super Excited to sell, sell, sell. AND, our troop is contributing to the local Animal Care and Control Center which happens to be the very same shelter where we adopted and saved our dear sweet Brandi a/k/a Biggun' from. :-D

She said she would write letters to her prospective buyers (like we do for 4-H) and I agreed that we would personally deliver any local cookie sales. Then I thought, why not take the sale to my out-of-town family, friends and bloggies?  So I agreed that I will SHIP to our dear out-of-towners who are so supportive! She's handwriting 30 letters at this point in time. For those who order before she gets all of those written she wants to do a thank you letter to be included with your order.

The cookies sell for $3.50 per box/package. Here are the varieties her club is selling this year:

THIN MINTS: thin chocolate-pepperment (think Andes candies) cookie coated in chocolate. 32 cookies/10oz box

SHORTBREADS a/k/a TREFOILS: a shortbread cookie. 44 cookies/10oz box

SHOUT OUTS!: Light and crisp, Belgian-style caramelized cookies. 40 cookies/9oz box

TAGALONGS a/k/a PEANUT BUTTER PATTIES: regular cookie with soft peanut butter and coated with chocolate. 15 cookies/7oz box

THANKS-A-LOT: large shortbread cookie with a chocolate coated bottom. 16 cookies/8.5oz box

LEMONADES: large shortbread cookie with a tangy lemon icing. 16 cookies/8.5oz box

DO-Si-DOS: peanut butter cookie with peanut butter filling. 20 cookies/8oz box

SAMOAS a/k/a CARAMEL DELITES: vanilla cookies covered with caramel on top and bottom then rolled in coconut and striped with chocolate. 15 copies per 7oz box.

She has two goals. One, sell 125 cases, gets her a flatscreen TV for her room (which she knows she's not allowed to have a TV in her room until...well, currently after age 10 but personally I'd prefer after 15). The second goal is to sell 83 cases to win a point and shoot camera which she wants very much and would put to great use. [She has to borrow her Daddy's for her 4-H photo submission.]

These are out of the box goals. But, my Lil'Gal has a big heart and I have lots of friends with big hearts and so we thought why not offer free shipping for cookie purchases to those who are kind enough to order from afar. (My hope is that the free shipping will prompt bigger per order sales) :-D

If you are interested then email me at with Girl Scout Cookies in the subject line. I'll give you your total and confirm your shipping address. I trust my blog buddies and online friends so the check and the cookies can pass in the mail.

And, thank you all in advance for your support! We are super excited to make a mark in the Girl Scout cookie world and Lil'Gals dreams and hopes are high!


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