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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Farmer, Jr. turned TEN - Bio on our risky delivery

Ten years ago this week my son was born. I can't believe it has already been ten, quick, wonderful, memory filled years. 16 months after he was born, Lil'Gal was born. And, life became full of many BIG changes and adjustments - all worth it. (i.e.: I closed down my litigation business that grossed over $200,000 a year to raise my six month old son and our approaching daughter. It was QUITE the adjustment all in all).

Following is how we brought Farmer, Jr. into this world and the extreme medical issues he and I endured in doing so - and a few photos of highlights of my Little man. Heart warming to go back through the [TONS of] photos. <3

Farmer, Jr. was about five or six months old in this picture. I love this picture. It sits framed on our bookcase in the living room. Otherwise, it'd be hanging on my 'cotton wall'. I have a wall of pics of the kids in the cotton each year. It is the wall between their bedrooms.

His little hand in mine

This little guy and I had a really tough time bringing him into the world. I was working 60-70 hours a week/weekends running my own business but I was in really good shape. Toward the end of the pregnancy when I'd wake up at 4:am with heartburn and insomnia and uncomfortable I'd walk on the treadmill before dressing for work each morning.

The last six weeks or so I was miserable. Not wimpy first pregnancy wimpy but miserable. But, at the time I thought I was being wimpy so I didn't complain so much about my symptoms. Three weeks before his due date the OBs put me on rotation within the group - you know, in case I went into labor and my OB wasn't available to deliver FJ. The third doctor on rotation caught my blood pressure. I run low typically, even under stress - so what appeared normal to everyone else caught her attention as 'HIGH' for me.

PRE-ECLAMPSIA. Big time. Farmer, Jr. and I are so lucky. I don't think Hubby ever realized the severity of where we were.

SYMPTOMS I HAD (That I hadn't read about until after delivering him):
  • - severely painful pimples (even on my neck like men get) - caused partly by testosterone from FJ being a boy
  • - extreme itching; constantly
  • - extreme thirst
  • - extreme (I mean the worst ever in the world you can think of) heart burn

I remember mentioning to my OB about my heartburn and that all I could tolerate was apple juice (which I cut 1/2 with water) and malt-o-meal. She warned me about the calories in apple juice but didn't think much of the thirst as pregnant women near term need lots of fluids. I have to admit - I didn't make a big deal about any of my symptoms because I didn't want to be the wimpy 1st pregnancy pregnant woman. I learned after that I was just plain STUPID.

So, the risky part. DELIVERY. They had to put me on magnesium sulfate to prevent seizures because my whole body was out of whack. If you read about Pre-Eclampsia you can see how detrimental it can be. Mommy and baby can die from it. And, my case was severe.

I was in labor for over 24 hours - I think I gave birth to him around 5:am - I'd have to check my notes because I was so out of it from the MagSafe - as it was nicknamed. MagSafe makes you feel like you are on fire (at least in a strong dose like they gave me). It also feels like you are on the graviton at a carnival and like the worst hang over you could ever, ever, ever imagine having.

I delivered FJ after much stress between he and I. The nurse tried to put me back on Mag-Safe and I - as respectfully as I could - told her where to stick it.  She got my doctor who explained I was still in danger of seizures and she compromised with me at a half dose and hour (it's administered through IV).

They finally released me two days later after he had been under double 'billy' lights for jaundice and I had lied about my fever (there was a whole other issue with this B!TCH of a nurse but that's another story). I went back into the ER and was admitted to the hospital a day and a half later due to extreme bleeding. Hemorrhaging actually. I bled/hemorrhaged all night long. At one point I passed a clot the size of a baseball (I SH!T you not) and the nurse said that was a good thing and referred to it as the size of a little baby almost - or something like that. She was sweet, very caring an doting but Asian with a strong accent. I lied there - bleeding all night - with FJ in my arms where I could nurse him with tears running down my cheeks. Hubby was there - sleeping in the recliner couch. He slept through the baseball sized clot.

I came within minutes, hours, ounces of a blood transfusion. It was ugly. Turns out the fever was because of infection due to part of the placenta that had remained in my uterus. The Pre-eclampsia had broken it down so bad that it delivered in pieces. Wonder Farmer, Jr. made it as long as he did. When the placenta is damaged like that there is no way for a doctor to know if any minuscule fragment remained. It was a fluke.

My little chick magnet; this was Hubby's cousin's wedding - Farmer, Jr. danced with several of the barbie doll bridesmaids
(My FJ with his #1 finger up because that 'babe' he is with (and all her friends) were #1) :-D

After that - about two  to three weeks in, Farmer, Jr. developed colic. And, NO. I don't mean a night or two of gas. After Hubby and I experiencing along with Farmer, Jr. 4+ full months of colic I about tore out anyone's throat who dared to say their infant was colic one night that week. GAS is GAS. COLIC IS MISERABLE INFANT-YOU-CAN'T-FIX-IT !@#$$$ COLIC. Just so we have that straight. I thought I was going to have to nurse him into his teens. I literally lived off three intermittent hours of sleep for five months. Which is partly why when I was pregnant with Lil'Gal with FJ only six months old - me and Hubby agreed I'd close down the business. It would have been an impossible task after everything we'd all been through.

2011 Spring School Pic

Now? Farmer, Jr. LOVES sleep and sleeps well. Though, he still has a sensitive tummy. But, he's healthy and happy and he continues to bring us such joy. All the H-E-double-L he and I (and Hubby on some level) went through to get him here and even after - was totally worth it.

Farmer, Jr. and his Daddy walking in Grandpa's woods
Ahhh, the memories...  My little man ain't so little anymore.

So, I finally got his birthday tribute post up. Now I need to shower and off to bed. 4:30-5:am comes early and I'm already at the end of my week. Happy tomorrow is FWFD of the WEEEEEEEK!

And, Happy Birthday! Again, my sweet, loving, adorable Farmer, Jr!



Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a happy ending! It must have been so stressful (and I mean in a way I can not even imagine) to have so many problems around such an already difficult time. And Happy Birthday too!

Knight said...

That is such a terrifying story. I can't believe you had a 2nd one after that experience. You are so lucky to have come out of that hell with such a great little guy.

I'm going to go sew my legs together now.

Farmer*swife said...

Knight, Lil'Gal was an extra blessing from God. We were going to have another child but I was pregnant unexpectedly.

Her delivery? Text book. Piece of cake. :-)

But, on the way to the hospital when I was bleeding so bad hubby and I did have the conversation about how scary it was and if we were still sure about a second.

Melissa said...

Eeks! Honestly, I'll take the Hyperemesis Gravidarum (which is NO picnic, trust me, especially twice) to pre-eclampsia, hemorrhaging, and a colicky baby.

He's such a good-looking and sweet little man, though. I'm glad everything turned out okay in the end. :-D

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