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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bang A Drum! - Making the grade.

Happy Tuesday!

Seems I've fallen off the blogger track the last few days. I've been busy with the usual and then throw in a couple of Girl Scout cookie booths. That's going really well BTW. I doubt we'll make it to the 85 or 125 case mark. But at this moment Lil'Gal has sold 35 cases. Man, if we could just make it to 50. [Always good to increase our goals.] :-)

So, yesterday, along with umpteen other things I worked on my spirit outfit for the Parent Involvement Conference tomorrow. This is a big deal. They actually bus participating parents in from various districts and campuses (well, at least our district does). The conference committee has speakers on several issues and then they have a general session where the teachers and parents are supposed to dress up and show their school spirit. They give out a prize and of course recognition for this.

Our teachers in charge of this for Lil'Gal's campus were really encouraging our enthusiasm for this. Apparently, one of the other districts has a hornet as their school mascot and their people came in full on hornet costumes. Wings, stripes, stinger and all. :-P

So, yesterday I made my spirit head band, and died and beaded up my spirit t-shirt and borrowed Farmer, Jrs indian drum for the event. After all, mom's have school spirit too - it is required to make the grade.

I have to say that although the first six weeks was such an overwhelming transition for us this year - waaaay more than I had mentally prepared myself for - rocking through the second semester feels like house slippers. I know what we need to get done. I know how to help my kids. I have the tools, and the time, and I'm working hard to support their effort. And, I've built the relationships with the teachers and staff. They are wonderful. They love their district, ahem, our district and they will do whatever is needed to help everyone succeed.

I'm at home in our new district. Hubby is still considering applying once more at the district that we thought was best for our kids. I'm apprehensive about that. We haven't really discussed it lately which allows me not to stress about it. His concern is that it is smaller and homier. But, having 4 six weeks and multiple hours of volunteering and personal involvement invested in our current district I disagree. It's a wonderful district by all means. But, for me I'm not looking at next year - I'm looking at eight years down the road.

Gotta make the grade here...
See, making the grade is also a numbers game. Our district we are in currently is huge. But, this provides an advantage to us. It allows our kids to shine for the effort they put in. In a smaller district where everyone is making the top ten in grades there is more competition. Competition is a good thing. But, in a smaller district what if my Lil'Gal or Farmer, Jr. turn up #11 out of the top 10. Or in the 11% up against their best friend - meaning, they don't get automatic acceptance into the college to which they have applied.

Being #11, #15 or even #18 out of a class of 200 affords them more opportunity. And, that is part of what making the grade is. Knowing the numbers. After them having spent 14 years in the education system I feel that my kids deserve full benefit and full fulfillment of the goals they are setting now. Yes, now they themselves are setting their college goals.

To  make it here.

So, tomorrow I will learn. I will dress up with my indian head band, and my beaded outfit and I will beat my little drum. Because Mom's have school spirit too! And, I wanna' make the grade.

Happy Tuesday! Bang your drum be loud dance and smile. ;-)


1 comment:

kcinnova said...

You are a great mom, involved in all of the school activities. I miss having the energy for so much volunteering (well, sometimes I miss it) but now that I have the extra time (and only 2 schools to divide and conquer) it seems that neither school really needs me. That's what seems to happen when your kids get older. *sigh*