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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

FW's Great Skate-Capade!

Saturday, Lil'Gal and Farmer, Jr. were invited to a friend's roller skating party. I think this is the only remaining roller rink within several towns because there were other birthday kids from surrounding towns and areas.

The kids were excited! The dad hosting the party said he was going to skate too. Me, being the participant I am, decided if he could skate then so could and would I. Mind you, I haven't been in a pair of roller skates in a good 30 years (I know, right?) But, I wasn't half bad in the day so I thought "How hard can it be?"

In the beginning I was wobbly. I had to remind myself to watch my form (that being, don't lean back or you'll fall). The kids took off falling here and there with *kersplats* and then getting right back up to go at it again. It took me about 20 minutes but it started coming back to me. And, for an almost 40 year old I took to the rink and started making my way. I was going forward, I could spin, I could spin and skate backwards. FJ was particularly in awe of me and perturbed because he just couldn't figure out how I did that spin to a stop thing. :-D I could skate and dance. I rocked it - WTG Me!

UNTIL... The take down. Lil'Gal was hollering for me and as I spun around to a backward stop she came bolting at me at full force. She literally knocked me off my feet and into the air - skates spinning. I came down on my back and left butt cheek and then my head proceeded to bounce off the floor. Lil'Gal of course, ended up landing right on top of me.

My first thought was, "Oh cr@p. Am I going to have to go to the ER?" I was concerned about a concussion as my head was throbbing. Lil'Gal apologized profusely to which of course I explained that it was just an accident and came with the territory. I rolled myself to the exit where I had someone inspect my head. My theory was that if it wasn't bleeding then I'd survive. Of course, what to do about the pounding in my skull? Luckily, someone had some advil on hand. So I tossed that back and being the trooper I am, I rolled myself back out and onto the rink.

I skated! I had a blast! Though, age started taking over and toward the end of the skate session I could feel my butt, my back, and of course the goose egg on my head. But we finished out the session and everyone had a great time. Lil'Gal wants to have her next birthday party there.

My only regret is that two days later my neck is still extremely stiff with a whiplash feeling. I applied the heating pad last night (probably should have used ice instead for inflammation) and took my fair dose of ibuprofen. I'm wondering if I might should actually go see my doctor. But I wonder what he would say. So, I'll just tough it out a few more days.

Side Note: Hubby found a couple muscle relaxers from when he injured his rib. Half of one and I felt better last night and slept better too. I think another night like that and I'll be back in better form.

It was SO worth the fun! And, we so wanna' go back and skate again!

Happy Valentines Day!


1 comment:

Melissa said...

Ouch! You really should go see the doctor if it's not already better.

I haven't roller-skated in forever. In fact, I don't even think we have a rink here in town. We have a lot of ice-skating rinks, and my kids *love* to skate. But talk about difficult (and it kills your ankles)!