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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February's full :-)


Can you believe January is gone already?

I don't know about you but my February is already booked up with lots of stuff to do and places to be.

Some big things about Feburary are:

Me and the Hubster's 13th wedding anniversary! [Though, I claim the whole 16 years we've been together. I earned it!] ;-P

Valentines Day!

My Daddy's birthday!

Hubby and I actually made plans this year to leave the youngins' with MIL and FIL and head to SA for the livestock show there. We are even going to catch a concert *GASP* I know right? Me, veering from my strict and color coded calendar and routine.

It worked out great though. Because the youngins' will be on intersession so no worries about homework, tests, and extra curricular events to attend.

The only downside to going out of town is that we will be in a hotel room together. Meaning, I can't escape the snore factor. Truly - this is a down side for me. I'm really weird about my sleep. But, it'll be worth it to spend some only semi-schedule time together. We need it.

I'm a stickler about routine and it takes a lot to get me to break from it. But that is just me and how I work. Still pretty bad when the Hubby has to make an appointment (an often penciled in).

 Anyhow, I see light at the end of the tunnel for this six weeks. And, fingers crossed everyone is holding their grades really well. Lil'Gal has 100s and 99s of course, with a high B floating in. Farmer, Jr. is holding but he has two low Bs that have me on pins and needles for the next two and a half weeks. I'm waiting for that unexpected major grade to catch me/him off guard.

But otherwise, February is lined out quite nicely. All labeled and coded in green, pink, orange, blue, another blue, yellow, red, purple - well you get the point. I *heart* my iCal and my iCloud.

Happy Hump Day! As I always say, 'Put some DIGGITY in it!'



Melissa said...

You are ON it!!

Knight said...

Sounds like you are going to have an amazing month!
I'm weird about my sleep too and I hate using things like ear plugs because I can't stand to dull my senses. Maybe you can find hubster a soundproof box to wear over his head while he sleeps?

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