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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Slumbering Saturday and the Big 13!

Ahhhhh. Saturday. A nice slow Saturday. I'm slumbering in it.

Last night Les and Diva came over and the kids played while me and Les enjoyed the wind and some wine. We made hamburgers and watched some Eclipse (you know, keep it fresh since Breaking Dawn Part 1 is coming out on DVD next weekend - Super Squeee!).

She and Diva headed out, I got the kids in bed and I was in bed before 10:pm. Hubby is out of town with some friends to go wade fishing. He called to tuck everyone in but we were already tucked. And, then I slept. Ahhhh, how I slept. I woke up at 5:am and thought about texting the Hubster good luck but then lazily decided to roll over and go back to sleep.

Lil'Gal woke and I heard her pouring some cereal. She then quietly closed my bedroom door. How kind. :-) I dozed as I heard the sound of the Wii starting up. The kids let me rest undisturbed. I woke lazily and crawled out of bed at 8:am. EIGHT A.M. Delightful. When I sauntered into the kitchen Lil'Gal asked, "Mom, why aren't you still sleeping?" Me, "Because I'm good Honey. Thanks kids."

I love the few Saturday mornings that come along where I don't have to worry about pressing deadlines and duties. I slumbered through the morning tending to a chore here and there and then prepared my CCD lesson. The kids have played Wii, watched a movie upstairs and basically gotten along so far. Sweet!

I'm still in my lounging pants. Me! Can you believe it?

I plan to hit the treadmill and then shower as Lil'Gal has a Girl Scout cookie booth to work this afternoon. Luckily the weather hasn't gotten nasty yet. We have another booth tomorrow after CCD and it is going to be wet and cold and blech. But we will work it with smiles.

Monday is Hubby and I's 13th wedding anniversary. 13 years of marriage and 17 years all together. When I look around me and take in my children, my home, my life - I'm thankful. The Hubster and I have built a wonderful life together. We have a wonderful family, loving extended family and dear and loyal friends.

School, volunteering, extra curricular activities, CCD, the laundry, the house and the pets - everything that keeps me typically so booked and scheduled is all part of the wonderfully full life I live.

Life... Is good.

Happy Saturday. May you be as content as I am and may your Saturday allow you some slumber.