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Friday, February 10, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray because it's the little things :-)

<----------------------- I especially like this pic of the plants cheering because that is what the ground and soil and greenery around our parts have been doing the past few days.

After almost a year of no rain, it is finally getting wet around here.

Will it be enough for the crops? Let's see how much more we get. Keep it coming Mother Nature and thank you!!

So, it is FRIDAY! FWFD OTW!!!

Totally deserves to be bolded, enlarged and underlined! :-D

Today is going to be a great day even though it is a damp and brrrr-diddle cold one. For one, well, it's FRIDAY! Whoop! For two, I'm covering the library today - I feel like a kid when we used to play school only I get to play librarian in the real library. Ms. M is out at a conference and I volunteered to cover the library for the whole day so the kids could exchange their books. They need books over the weekend and next week is the last week to get AR points in for this grading period.

Now, by no means could I actually cover Ms. M's position. Librarians do SO MUCH behind the scenes that most folks aren't aware of. But, at least I can work the circulation desk and start a DVD or two when called.

Third, COOKIE BOOTH! This will be our third and last cookie booth this afternoon/evening. Wish Lil'Gal and Diva and the other girls from our troop warm thoughts and lots of successful sales!

FOURTH: [cover your ears] *SUPER-SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!* Guess what comes out at midnight?

"BREAKING DAWN PART 1" Sweeeeeeeeeet! Totally. Now, I'm not that crazy that I'd run out at midnight (probably because I'll have already passed out from a week of 4:30 mornings) and purchase my copy - no waiting in line for FW. BUT, you can bet your bananas I'll be at Walmart in the morning picking up my sweet collector copy.

And, after the skating party Lil'Gal is invited to - I'll be burning up my DVD player with the next part of the whole Edward/Bella/Jacob saga = and insert a new character = Renesme.

FIFTH, Valentines day is coming. <3 The day of love and hugs and well wishes. The kids and I are going to make cookie pops for their teachers and dip them in melted flavored chocolate/candy. That'll be our fun project on Sunday after church and CCD.

I hope YOUR FRIDAY and weekend is as full with sheer goodness as mine!

Don't forget to compliment someone and throw those smiles around!




Melissa said...

Happy Friday!! Sounds like you have a great weekend coming up. :-D

robert said...

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Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

That's a LONG time to go without rain!