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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh NO she DIDN'T [she'd be me?]


Just in from a whirlwind of a day BUT did get Farmer, Jr. his rosary for his first communion (Momma/Daddy gift), and got a few other errands ran including my Mom is back in her van, finally.  One transmission refurbish/fix later....

But, still.  IN all that I have done and in all the ego poofs my FB and Blog and IRL friends have been pumping my head and heart full of, I must confess.  A few things no one would believe FW did this week -- as in they would say in conversation, "You know what FW did this week?"

GASP "O, NO, she DITN'T?!"  "Oh, no she TOTALLY DID [not do]."

  1. FW let her range top sit with funk from a meal cooked three days ago; along with some salt and season shakes -- without cleaning it within 12 hours after the meal was cooked. [GASP]
  2. FW has not scrubbed a single toilet or bathroom sink in over...5...FIVE...or so, days.  [You can gasp again...]
  3. FW left the house two days in a row with the Master Bedroom bed....  UN-made.  [!?!]
  4. To FW redemption, she never even slept in the Master Bedroom Bed last night...she fell out on the family room couch and DID fold and put away her blankie this morning.
  5. DID let her children order from the school crap lunch menu once more than once this month.
  6. FW has not bisseled or steam mopped her floors in a very good, strong, 7 day week...  [This is not good, the base boards are taunting her with billows of dust...]
  7. FW has used, in full out term with no made-up words and several @ and $$'s -- multiple explicatives over the past seven days or so... [she will use them again if you correct her spelling of the word explicative/s].
There you have it.  Oh, I've done AS IN DONE muchos, muchos.  But in all the muchos?  My me gustas have been left to the side....  

On a more POSITIVE note.  FW DID rock the grocery store with the General Mills crescent roll vouchers and $20.00 free cash card she was issued to purchase the rest of the ingredients to feed her friends for FWEEEE tomorrow evening.

It will be fun!  It will be fab!  It will be tasty! And...there might be some slight snoring as FW props her head up with a wooden spoon and her eyes with toothpicks.  Though, I've heard caffeine infused liquor tends to keep the wits rowdy and the mind awake... 

>;-)  FW gonna' PAWTAY tomorrow evening.  But, only till 9:ish.  As she has to be back in full Super-Mom swing by 7:30 the next morning to sell everyone else's crap useless treasures to those kind enough to share their money with us for our school's final, end of the year, fundraiser.

OH NO SHE DIT"NT'....Oh Yeah.... She so totally did/is doing/will do/will get to it... ALL.


HAPPY almost _______ most favorite _____ of the _______!!!!   [Fill in the blanks; y'all all know'em so well!]



Prohomemaker.Com said...

Truly one of my most favorite posts ever!! And I thought Farmer Jr only had confession this week. :-) ...

And forgive me Farmers Wife for I have also housework sinned. Toilets haven't been scrubbed in at least a week. Have just done spit cleans on the counters. My shower doors have hard water deposits, and there is a small layer of paper/receipts and coupons on my decorative cookbook in the kitchen. ...

I will say 5 "Hail June Cleavers" in pennance. :-)

alice said...

Girl What Is Wrong With You? You can't hang? You have only been working your non-working(so some people seem to think) butt off this week!
We (and our family's) are lucky we are still alive!
I can't believe you let all that go BUT the world didn't stop spinning and it will be there tomarrow. only, that's the bad part.:(

Krishna said...

Gasp! I can't believe how lazy you have become! the house better be spotless by tomorrow :)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Oh, NO WORRIES! The pots will be bleached, the floors bisseled (steam mop on the fritz, :-( ) and the range top has already been shiny'ed! ;-)

Though, the fans...Well, the won't be gettin' much of a dustin' tomorrow.... Baseboards vs. Fans.... Baseboards when 3 out of 4 times a month. ;-)

Melissa said...

Um . . . that's me on a daily basis. Cleaning? What's that? ;-)

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

Oh don't be so hard on yourself...we all deserve to be lazy sometimes!

kcinnova said...

ROTFLMBO at Harry's comment!

FW, welcome to my world.

Jay said...

If Farmer Jr. needs some good material for confession let me know. I can come up with some good stuff for him. ;-)