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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Module Pickers!

This year the guys are running module pickers (meaning the one machine both picks the cotton and builds the module [of cotton] at the same time). In the past the men ran strippers or pickers and then dumped into a buggy which then dumped into a module builder; or the stripper/picker would dump directly into the module builder.

THEN, someone has to run the module builder, compressing the cotton into a gigantic brick of cotton. Which is then picked up by a module truck (it has a planing bottom with teeth and tracks that draws the cotton into the truck. The module is then taken to the gin where it sits until the cotton from that particular module is ginned.

Anyhow, these new and cool machines come with some new glitches and quirks and pain-in-the-@$$ issues that have to be worked out.

Here's one from the field unloading it's module:



Jay said...

I love watching big machinery in action. It's always fascinating.

And, I answered your question on my blog today. ;-)

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