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Friday, August 20, 2010

Moooo're Moooo-ers by Rith


The vlog of my goodies from Rith Pottery! I did one along in the garage about 10:30 the other night; the night of receiving my stuff I'd ordered. The kids were asleep as was the Hubster (he'd gotten rained out and actually made it home in time to eat -- and the crashed and snored). Poor guy, they are so tired.

Anyhow, while uploading to YouTube the next day I realized that my address was flashing all over the place and I really didn't want it out all over YouTube -- seein' as I'm totally stalkable material. So, I tried to cut that part out in movie maker but I don't know if it worked or not and the next thing I new, I just grabbed the flip cam and filmed my little diddies while multi-tasking. :-)

What is it about cows? I just heart'em. And, now I have a whole family to adorn my kitchen!

Happy FWFD of the weeeeeek and last FRIDAY of my SUMMER 2010!!! Monday we start back to the grind... *sigh*



Gary's third pottery blog said...

you're so nice, thanks so much for the links and the order and the vid!

Baseball Mom said...

Those are so cute!! :)

Knight said...

Holy Cows! Gary is amazing. I just love the artistic man. Also, NICE NAILS! They are HOT!