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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Transportation of Cotton

So, the module trucks are all over the place. As are the cotton modules, spread around farms and fields like hay bales (which are also quite present these days). I love this time of year when the crops are being harvested and there are tractors, combines, cotton pickers/strippers, buggies, and such chugging along the road and the fields. Everything is alive!

This year has been cool because there are new machines running. Module pickers like we have [though, the boys are selling them because they personally have had DOUBLE HELL with them], and cotton bale pickers. They pick the cotton and shape it into a bale (I haven't had the opportunity to watch/video one in action) and then somehow they wrap it in this yellow plastic. Looks just like a round hay bale, except it is white, of course. And, wrapped in yellow. ;-)

Harvest and planting are my two favorite seasons down here. Love it!

Anyhow, the other day I shared a module picker unloading the module of cotton it had just picked and built. So, I thought y'all might enjoy watching how they get it to the gin.

Farmer, Jr. was our secondary narrator. The clinking and panting were the dogs. We have to keep Dulce leashed or at least 'attached' to the leash so she doesn't get curious and run off. Not that we mind her wandering but she likes to cross the road to the other field and the vehicles don't drive slow along this rode.

We don't worry about the Biggun'. The only time she runs is if we have something worth running for in our hands, LOL!



shoreacres said...

Love it! We've got water and pelicans and such here on Galveston Bay, but I miss harvest time. No country girl here, but I can drive an auger wagon. And I always loved it down around Corpus, Victoria, and south when the cotton was coming in. Except they were wrapping in blue then. I like yellow better.

Really fun video - thanks!

kcinnova said...

Cool beans!

(For some reason, the videos on your blog load too big to see, but I just double click through to youtube instead.)