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Monday, August 23, 2010

Farmer*s Daughter...

The Farmer's Daughter started Second Grade today... WOW!

Before we know it she'll be all grown up. One day she'll be in college. And, then we'll be planning her wedding. And, then she'll have babies of her own and I'll be spoiling my grandbabies as much as I try not to but it's addictive spoil her...or more. ;-)

Farmer, Jr. will marry a farm girl, I'm almost sure of it. He might learn new things in school. He loves to build and design structures so he might even minor in Architecture or Engineering in college -- but his Major will always be the farm.  Anyone who has spent any time around him would agree.

The Teenager started high school today.  *sigh*

So, another year.  Come, lived, and starting all over again...  So is the circle of life and I'm very blessed to be living it so full.

Happy Monday!



Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Amen to all of that!

Knight said...

You still have so much time. Those grandbabies are a long way off. Just wait until lil gal is a teen and you have to watch her date!

Anonymous said...

My dh says there is no way he could have sent a daughter across the country to college. It was hard enough to send our first-born away!

Second grade already... I remember when she was just starting Kindergarten! Time flies...