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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ChoclatiQue...chocolates out of the box!

Y'all know if I'm blogging about chocolate....then, it must be really good.  I'm not a big sweet eater, but when I do have a craving, I want a flavor that lasts on my pallet.  This chocolate company has earned the Farmer's Wife, Glass Half Full seal of approval.

Choclatique provides over 200 Authentically American premium chocolate confections.  Everything from the traditional to the whimsical, which I find most beautiful and mouth watering.

(American Apple Pie)

(Cranberry Cream)

Each of their magical confections are hand-made and hand-decorated.  Then, they are hand-packed in a chocolaty brown box and adorned with a beautiful chocolate ribbon (the box and ribbon are, unfortunately, inedible however).

Choclatique also sells sauces, ganaches, beverages, chocolate bars, marshmallows, nuts, cooking ingredients and other novelties.

Let yourself shop the colorful array of chocolates in their Flavor Guide.  The colors, shapes, and holiday flavors are all so inticing!

AND, you can build your very own box!  Which, I find freeing.  Who wants two double darks when the milk chocolates are your favorite?  To me it always seems that with any nice box of chocolates, I always end up with a few I do not prefer.  But, not in this case.  You pick'em as you like'em!

[What about the taste test? I know y'all are all wondering.  Hold tight..]

Their website provides an interesting and delectable history of chocolate, as well as how they make their product -- from harvesting the cocoa beans, to the milling and the processing of the substances that are reaped from the beans,  to the actual artistry of Chocolatique's fine products and savory treats.

These little diddies make for great gifts, either for friends and family and your favorite chocolate lover or for your clients and patrons.

[Get to the taste test, I hear y'all thinking.  Don't worry, I am!]

If just knowing about their choc-o-lates and enjoying their sweet chocolates isn't enough, they even have a Blog about chocolate.  If you are a true, bonafide, lover of chocolate -- you are gonna' want to add this blog to your blog roll.  There you can find tidbits and interesting information about who's loving what in chocolate but more importantly you can find ALL kinds of RECIPES!  Shlurp that one into your reader!

Here is another wonderful option in their product line, SUGAR FREE.  What about the diabetic in the family who loves chocolate but has a hard time finding a good quality treat that encompasses all the wonderment of true, sweet, rich, silky sweet chocolate?  This is what actually led me to Choclatique in the first place.  Their Sweet Deceit line.

Now, all this sounds great...but, what about what "I" think?  Well, I was lucky enough to receive a sample from their "Napa Valley Wine Collection."  Wine chocolates?  Oh, my.

I received:

Fall Vineyard Merlot, Late Harvest Cabernet, Estate Chardonnay, and Sparkling Blanc de Chocolate.

At first, I was thinking the chocolate itself was somehow tastefully scented for the tongue with the name of the wine it wears.  But, no.  Each holds inside a soft creamy filling.

They. Are all.   Wonderful.  I'm not a big sweet eater and I tend to not crave sweets.  But, on occasion I do like something -- a taste -- of sweet.  I want it intense, bursting, and lingering to the senses.  All of these are.  In fact, we have a Christmas party in two weeks and I'm hoping to get an order of these wine embellished chocolates in my mailbox in time to take as a gift to the hostess and her husband.

My favorite of the four?  I'm a white wine lover so it would be the Sparkling Blanc de Chocolate.  This is such a full flavored little treat that, one melting on the tongue will leave you satisfied for quite a while. A white chocolate filled with the taste of a sparkling Blanc.

My second favorite?  Estate Chardonnay...  Again, a white wine encased in a silky, milk chocolate.

Third, is Late Harvest Cabernet.  Red wine cream within a dark chocolate casing.

And, Fourth, though still fabulous -- Fall Vineyard Merlot.  If you like a vibrant, rich, red, then this dark chocolate is for you.

As an FYI, I volunteered to do this review.  I did not receive compensation, well other than the box of fabulousness.  So, if you trust a Farmer*sWife, you will want to check out this company and their fine chocolates!



Anonymous said...

Dear F.W...

Thank you for your great review on everything about Choclatique. After so many years of development and production we are seeing that people all across the country are gravitating to our Authentically American Chocolate.

Authentically American means great American chocolate flavor thrills made by Americans in our Southern California Chocolate Studios; our premium cacao beans are roasted, processed and refined in Northern California; we use Hawaiian-grown cacao beans in selected items; our proprietary all-natural flavors are made in Southern, California; our packaging is made and printed in Texas; our specialty molds and equipment come from up state New York. We’re proud to be American and support the US economy

Oh, between you and me my favorite flavor from the new Napa Valley Wine Chocolate Collection is the Old Oak Barrel-Aged Port. I love the highlights of plum and cherry accented by smoky oak flavor in our Private Reserve 64% Dark Chocolate.

We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving Day filled with sweet dreams and chocolate wishes!

Ed Engoron

kcinnova said...

For the love of all that is holy, I am smitten!! There is an Old Oak Barrel-Aged Port chocolate?!?!?
I have some gifts to purchase and I'm off to check this out!!
(and seriously wishing I could win some. Right. Now.)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

KC, I know. Sorry, no giveaway with this one. :-(

But, the chocolate itself is really, truly delicioso!

p0ptart said...

Mmm Yummy, I shall check it out and hope it's not too spendy. lol