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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Odds and ENDS

Odds and Ends.  Don't expect this to make any sense.  I'll just ramble what went through my mind as I walk by the LT in effort to get my stuff done around here and a blog post in too.  :-)

Sheesh, laweeeeeze!  It's been hard to get an actual  blog post in lately.  I sware.  And, when I get the free time that I could blog, I find myself engulfed in new activities.  Like the writing course I'm taking, and re-reading/proofing Lis's second book -- a YA (young adult) paranormal type story (love it!).

So, I'm just going to keep this page open and I hop around my kitchen working on dinner, the kids homework, and the other afternoon yada-yada.

SO.  EM IS BACK!!!  YAY!!!  I absolutely loved reading her blog, keeping up with her life and I also adored the way she wrote about it all.  Very detailed and very entertaining.  Just love'her!  Welcome back Emmeline!

Don't forget to clean your washing machine...  YES, TIS TRUE.  I saw this a couple of weeks ago on one of the morning news shows.  Now, I know about running a cycle to get rid of that 'smelly water' smell.  But, just to clean out the....wait for it....E-COLI.  AND, they said wash all undies separate from the rest of your clothing.

Obviously?  I had issue with this rolling around in my mind for several days.  I suddenly found myself quite disgusted with undies of any kind and wanted to convert the family to disposable.  But, I knew this would never go over with them.  I do bleach all things white, but I think I shall purchase a basket strictly for undies and run them all together.  It does, kinda make sense you know.  I might go so far as to include socks in that run...but, that's about as far as I think I'll go.  From now on?  Undies get a washin' of their own.

Oh, and apparently when you bleach?  In steaming hot water?  The heat of the water basically neutralizes the bleach's ability to disinfect.  [Say what?]  Yeah, so when you run a bleach cleaning run in your washer bleach with cold water.

Second grade is kicking my butt.  This week seems smooth so far.  Um, it's only Tuesday I know, but quite often I'm spent with worry and feeling overwhelmed by this point in the week.  It's partly, because I feel a lack of control I guess.

If I hear too much more about gangs, and drive bys, and drugs in the big city (TTL I don't live there) I think I'm going to go "Black Knight" and buy myself a black beat up pick up truck.  Jack it up, wrap it in roll bars, bumpers and brushguards.   And, add in some weapontry to take these worthless pieces of CR@P who think they are so cooooooool and so tuuuuuuuuuf and so baaaaaaad@aaaaaaaass.  I seriously wanna' hang'em all from the triangle and gut'em like a deer.  Then, we could put their heads on sticks like "Lord of the Flies."

That just gave me a great idea for a post, when I get a chance to actually POST-post, LOL!

HAPPY NOTE!  I have some stuff waiting for reviews and giveaways.  FWEEEEE stuff!  I'm going to lose my rank with my sponsor sites if I don't get some up.  Oh, and CHOCOLATE!  Typically, I'm not a big chocolate fan.  But, I DID get some very nice chocolates in the mail.  Specialty chocolates and I get to write a review.  This is the kind of chocolate even a not so into sweets person gets excited about!  Really awesome stuff -- perfect for a little Christmas shopping for stocking stuffers and other, sweet wonders. [It's under lock and key to keep the Lil'Gal out of it; we all know she can sniff out sweets better than a trained blood hound.]

Me and a few others are making Thanksgiving dinner for lunch at the school for the children and parents who can attend; that's part of my weekend plans.  And, we are having a pie sale.  Homemade pies.  So, I'll be cookin' and baking this weekend.  I can't WAIT for Tuesday as it is half day and after the luncheon because then we are on VACATION baby!

Well, casserole is in the oven and I need a shower before the boys get back from karate.  The holidays are upon us so when you are feeling angry, hurtful or frustrated -- remember to take a moment and think of at least one thing you are thankful for.  It will brighten your mood and mellow the hustle and bustle of preparations for family and friends gathering together.

Thanks for readin' my ramble....and, Happy Tuesday!  Tomorrow is Hump-Diggity Day and then we are halfway to FWFD of the week!  And, that is just Sweeeeeeeeet!



Dez said...

I'm really glad you have the chocolates under lock and key for me. We both know Lil Gal would not leave any for us! :)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

I remember when the "gang" stuff started hitting in LA and now in San Diego. I find most of these wannabees are 14-year-olds more interested in writing their initials on things. At 6-4, I just tell them to give me a fricking brak. When I see an *idiot* in a stocking cap when it's 80 degrees, I just say to myself, You think you look tough? You look like an idiot."

kcinnova said...

"Second grade is kicking my butt." ROTFLMBO but I know exactly what you mean. School in general is kicking mine right now, and I've had so little time to blog.
I love this kind of post from you!

And now I am worried about the load of whites (mostly socks and t-shirts and undershirts and a wee bit of undies, but my guys all wear colored boxers now) because I bleach on hot!!

Instead, I will be totally distracted by the thought of winning FREE CHOCOLATE!!!! Lady, you have my attention. :)

kcinnova said...

PS: Baking pies today here, too.

Melissa said...

My husband thinks I'm crazy because I wash clothes on HOT. I don't use bleach, because it seriously messes with my lungs, but I like my clothes clean (even though colors might fade a little).

School is kicking my butt, too. We've quit extracurricular activities during the week, because we just don't have enough time to do that AND homework AND family dinners AND a decent bedtime. Hannah's got some friends who stay up until 10PM. I say - NO WAY, not you! (I need at least an hour of child-free time at the end of the day.)

Together We Save said...

I need to be baking!!