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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dear Edward, I pricked my finger...

Yeah, so.

Hubby's hog hunting and me and the kids are hanging while I bake a turkey, prepare the dressing for the school luncheon, prepare to bake pies, and watch some movie rentals....  Holy Housewife, Batman... sigh.

So, yeah, Twilight.  About that....

Oh, dear sweet Edward.  [swoon] I'd prick my finger for you, if only you would come.  But, alas.  I realize I am no longer a 16 year old, cutie, sweetie high school Junior.  I'm a happily married housewife with two beautiful children -- making food, for folks.

You know?  No one told me there was a paranormal option to dating out there.  I mean, really, I think my whole generation was kinda' skipped on that one.  When we had vampire movies, they were all like, "Vampires are BAD.  Bad, bad, Bad."  Wear your garlic.  Make your own silver bullets.

Now vampires are all cute, young, hawt,, typically, and steamin' Hot.

No fair.  I didn't get to have these kind of teen fantasies.

And, if I do now?  I'm just a 37 year old 'vampire cougar.'  Or 'cougar vampire.'  Okay, so I don't know how you would refer or create a term for such a type.  But, sigh.  Would it be cheating?  If a wife pricked her finger?  And, a hawt looking, sweet, "I'll protect you forever because YOU, Farmer*sWife, are now my life" vampire happened in to devour clean up the trickle?

Some one weigh in here.  'Cuz, I'm a little confused....  *sigh*

Guess, I'll have to hold out for Moonlight.  And what wolves -- I mean dreams -- will come....



Melissa said...

I am SO guilty about having these types of fantasies . . .

Why do you think I've read the Twilight series three times in the past year, Shiver twice in less than a week, and am on my second read of the Sookie Stackhouse novels? I'm a sucker for the paranormal.

My poor husband, thankfully, puts up with it. ;-)

Stop by my blog and see who I'm crushing on. Does being 10 years his senior make me a cougar?

Dez said...

In our fantasies we can date anyone we want - junior cougar or whatever! Yes, I'd prick my finger for Edward too! :)
I am ready to begin to read the book series! My daughter gave them to us. Hubby has already read them! I'm waiting for kids to go back to school to go to see Moonlight! :)

kcinnova said...

I haven't seen or read any of these, but one thing I did hear/read was that Edward was rather stalkerish... that would creep me out. Oh, at first it would seem like he really cared and everything, but then I'd feel smothered.

But go ahead and be a cougar in your dreams, my friend! :)

The Queen said...

Vampire cougar makes me laugh.. good morning woman...

Melissa said...

I don't think Edward is a stalker; he's really protective of Bella, though, and she starts to feel stifled because of it.

Honestly . . . I think I might ultimately choose Jacob. Despite the fact he can turn into a wolf, he's a much healthier choice of a companion.

Or maybe I'd just move away from Forks altogether and find a "real" man. Although, that might be a little boring in the end. LOL!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

*Super-sigh* Sweet D, remember, I'm the one who can never finish a fantasy in a dream because...always, low and behold, I'll suddenly remember I'm married with children...

and, always BEFORE, the height of the dream...leaving me with an unsatisfied denomount... :-(

[The fantasy violins are now strumming away on my behalf]