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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Color My World...

I have this book.  This book is awesome.   So awesome, in fact, that I won't even let my children color or write in it, when that is exactly what it was designed for...  (I'm too stingy with mine). :-D


I've been waiting for over a month to order copies for my kids, and also for my niece and my nephews!  This is an interactive book -- no, not computer games or technological learning -- but, reading, writing, rhyming, and thinking abstract.

Today the author, Debbie Mancini-Wilson, is hosting a big launch of this book at her website.  The idea is that the more hits she gets (and purchases, if you like) the greater the rankings on this book.  

Even though it is self-published, this book has made it to the shelves at Target.  Yep, Target!  But, I waited to buy my copies until today so that I could support Debbie and her endeavor.

FYI, her website is also interactive for children to learn more about the character in the book, to find more coloring pages and other writing and poetic activities.

Here's an example of one of the activities within this story:

The Colors Within

I really don't care
'Bout the color of your hair.

I'm not concerned with the color of your skin,
I'd really rather know your colors within.

Here is my desire, if you want to hear it...
I want you to show me the color of your spirit.

Quite simple is my goal...
I want to see the rainbow of your soul.

Next to this poem is a picture box with the instructions: draw a picture using all the colors of your soul.

By the way, if you order a book today?  You are entered for a chance to win up to $8000.00 in other prizes!  No exaggeration.  But, that's just a perk.

The book.  That's what it is all about.

Anyhow, I just wanted to put this out there to help spread the work and to share Debbie's work.  I really hope you will look into this book, if you are planning to purchase any children's gifts this year.  Or, it would also make a great gift for teachers to use in the class as well. ;-)  That one is also on my list!

I encourage you to click the title to this post and check it out!  I love supporting something wonderful!

Also, if you want to read my full review, click here: COLOR MY WORLD

Good luck, Debbie!!!


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