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Monday, April 12, 2010


Oh my britches, aren't I behind schedule with my posts this month.  Sometimes I feel that that commercial where we are all hamsters spinning in our wheels but never really getting anywhere.

Anyhow, before I jump full throttle into my grocery list and couponing I wanted to share another funny or two to start your week out with a laugh and a smile.  After all, laughter adds years back on to our lives that all the other cr@p erodes away.

AAAND, it also releases that happy chemical in the brain, thus brightening your mood.

I couldn't find the whole skit on this one; and this is not quite as funny as the one played on XM Radio this morning -- my Blue Collar Comedy fix.  But, it's still worth a watch.  After warming up with this one you HAVE/MUST watch the second one because this guy rocks!

This guy, Pablo Francisco does an A-W-E-SOME movie trailer bit! I love the Arnold Swarche(however you spell it) as "Tortilla Boy". ;-)

Yeah, you should so search YouTube for more of him.  He's hilarious!  And, the other skits are funnier but I was trying to offer curse free comedy.  You know, in case you are listening to this with those little super-sonic ear people around. ;-)



Melissa said...

LOL! HAHAHA! I was wiping away tears!

Dez said...

HAHA... Too funny! I love the Bob the Builder one! Hit home! Thanks for the laugh! :-D

Debbie Yost said...

Love the Bob the Builder stuff. I need some of those mushrooms.

alice said...

Oh my goodness! Stop it, your killing me! I am going to definitely look for more of their stuff! My husband would love it!!!