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Saturday, April 10, 2010

PIPER! The video introduction!

So, here is Piper.  She was playing frisbee.  She loved all the running around.  So did Sweet D as that meant Piper would probably sleep very well through the night. :-D

The kids love Piper.  Piper now out weighs Dulce by about five pounds so I think they would probably play well together now.  And, Brandi?  Well, nothin bothers her so long as she's lying at/under your feet getting a pettin.  And, so long as you aren't a lawn mower, gator, tractor or other loud machinery long as you aren't a walking bacon treat (the cute teeny doggies).

But, yesterday evening we let Piper be the center of attention....  The video is quite cute (aside from my narratin')

Sweet D kept saying, "Where's the video camera?"  So I video'd x 3 but the other two had tooooo much conversation behind the scenes in them so I kept this one which was the best one anyhow.  AND, I told Sweet D, "My video cam = my vlog post" :-D

Yeah, I'm all stingy that way! LOL!  So that's the peep on the PIPER!



Gary's third pottery blog said...

I WAS SO glad to see that! Piper was getting all tuckered out wasn't she! Hello Jez and DEZ! Gal, you know, your son, Farmer Jr? He has been growing a lot this year hasn't he? He looks so tall! I hope ya'll were having a Shiner Bock.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Well, no Shiner. We all were hittin' the VTs and Bacardi Cocoa (D loves).... Hubby hit the Orange Bacardi and Uncle J was sippin the sweeeet, single malt scotch we got him for his birthday!

Yeah, we were AAAAALLLL having a bit of FWFD Friday fun! ;-)

And, Piper is - IS - Super Hyper!!! She had a blast though!

And, double Oh, Yes. Farmer, Jr. is 8 years old but tall enough for a size 12 wrangler (thank the Lord for adjustable waisted pants).

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

My kids want a doggie so bad and hubby says not yet.

Anonymous said...

holy cow, what a great video!! that dog is so cute. I love when Dez puts up pics of her over at her place!

I'm workin on a new post. not up yet, just workin on it. :)


SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

CUTE video. I am the same when when I video you only hear me. :)

Dez said...

Oh there she is! Our star! Thanks FW! It came out great! We played this and turned up the sound and Piper went nuts! She couldn't take her eyes off! Then, she would back up whenever "the video Piper" came up close, and she'd make that growly talk sound. HA! Too cute! Maybe I'll play it again and try and capture her response!

Dez said...